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National Environmental Balancing

1. PROCEDURAL Standard for Certified Testing of CLEANROOMS [CPT].

2. PROCEDURAL Standard for Testing, Adjustment & Balancing of
Environmental Systems.

Section 9: Clean Room Specs such as Airflow Types & Occupancy Modes referring to ISO 14644. Gowning. for Cleanroom installation and testing. Standard for Certified Testing of CLEANROOMS [CPT] PART 1: PART 2: STANDARDS PROCEDURES (Instruments & (Test Procedures) Reports) Section 6: Content requirements of Section 1 to 3: Definitions. Programs for Certification & Section 7: Safety requirements/Program Responsibilities. Section 4: Test Instrumentation Selection. Section 8: Cleanroom Procedures such as Range & Accuracy Requirements. Calibration Requirements. Recommended Tests by Cleanroom type & Recommended Testing Intervals. NEBB SOPs/Test Procedures. Section 10: Primary Test Section 11: Secondary Test . Equipment Entrance & Cleanroom Conduct. Section 5: Content requirements of Report/Forms used for Testing.

Alcohol & Tobacco not permitted • Gowning and accessories to be worn at all times • Use of containers for transfer or storage • No particle shedding equipment are permitted . GOWNING • From Head Down • Exterior surface of garments must be untouched • Correct Sizing 2. Drinks. CONDUCT • Hygiene • Avoid contact with Solvents [flaking] • Jewellery/Cosmetics not permitted • Food. Clean Room Procedures 1. EQUIPMENT OR MATERIAL INGRESS • Wipe Down of Equipment/tools/materials • Separate movement for ingress of Equipment and Gowning (Personnel) 3.

Cleanliness Class [ISO. Product or Process/Operations . WHO. etc…. Clean Room Testing Requirements • Understanding of: [Consideration for choice of Tests] 1. USP. Types of Clean Room Airflows 2.] 4. Type of Occupancy Modes 3.

In Operation Note: Test Procedures defined in IEST-RP-CC006 . As Built 2. At Rest 3.RECOMMENDED TESTS Suitability: 1.


relate to particle.CLEANROOM TESTS Primary Tests: relate to airborne particulate cleanliness Secondary Tests: Optional. air movement & ancillary systems within the cleanroom. .

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