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Vehicles Without .

‘Wheel locking and its effect’ Vehicle skidding Tire Abrasion Heavy Smoke Jack Knifing Vehicle not Steerable Heavy Vehicle Vibration .

Consequences of Wheel Lock 1) Loss of stability 2) Loss of steer ability 3) Abnormal tyre wear 4) Increased stopping distance 5) Jackknifing in case of tractor Trailer 6) Vibration during brake application (Judder) .

Why Wheel Locks during Braking? When the Brake force applied is more than the friction between Road and tire then the wheel locks. Wheels can lock under critical braking situations like Panic Brake due to unanticipated obstacle Braking on wet or slippery surfaces Factors affecting wheel locking behavior Road condition Tyre surface condition Air pressure in tyre Load condition Brake lining condition Applied brake force .