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Nur Anis Aida binti Mohd Radzi

flows from • Degree of hot ness or • When there is no net heat • Mercury is used hot object to cold object coldness of an object transfer between two • Works on the principle of • Two objects are in thermal objects. they are said to expanision and contact when heat energy be thermal equilibrium contraction of liquid can be transferred which mean the objects • Why mercury is used? between them have the same • Expands and contracts temperature uniformly • Opaque • Does not stick on the wall • High boiling point • Sensitivity of thermometer can be improved by : • Decreasing diameter of the capillary tube • Using glass bulb with thinner wall • Using smaller size of bulb . Heat Temperature Thermal Equilibrium Thermometer • Type of energy.

Q = Pt Celcius or 1 K . Takes longer time to be heated/ cooled is required to raise the . no heat loss to the surrounding Object with higher specific heat capacity 4200 J of heat energy . Specific Heat Capacity Defined as the quantity of heat Depends on energy transferred to . Can absorb/released more heat Object with lower specific heat temperature of 1 kg of capacity water by 1 Celcius .Energy supplied by supplied substance by 1 heater.Amount of heat temperatureof 1 kg of .Mass of substance change the How tu use formula? .Assuption to be made. Takes shorter time to be heated/ cooled . Can absorb/release less heat .

Specific latent heat Specific latent heat of fusion Specific latent heat of vaporisation Amount of heat required to change Amount of heat required to melt 1 1 kg of liquid to gas at its boiling kg of solid to liquid at its melting point point .

Gas Law .Mass of gas is constant for all Laws .