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Meet our team

Md. Nakibur Md. Asif Md. Mustafa Iftekhar

Shamim Monour Shadman Ameen
Afifa Ahmed Rahman Chowdhury Shakil Mahmood
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What: Creative Industry- Circus

Why: Passion for Circus, Unique


Case 3
Vision: create an alternate reality that
transports the audience to a Parallel
Intention: repackaging the way of presenting the circus
The Vision Framework

Mission: To remain the number one in

their industry and this mission is
accomplished by:
employing creative skilled professionals
continuously adding value to a service
accepting creative challenges

Strategic Intent: to become the best in

providing live entertainment

Core Values: to extend the limits of creative minds

Reinventing the circus

Core Purpose: to enlighten peoples

emotions by making them happy through
Key Issues Goals
Difficult to retain and
find top performers

Whether they should To remain the

be private or go number one
in their
Existing expansion plan
industry with
is too much capital employees
intensive who are
Company is profitable but professional
the growth rate is low and in their fields
there is a high chance that
in near future it might
reach its saturation point
Porter's Five Forces

Competitive rivalry: Moderate

New circuses coming in

Their prices are
comparatively low
Low Switching cost
Excess demand
High exit barrier
High Industry Growth
Bargaining power of suppliers: Low Bargaining power of buyers: High

Low switching cost

Switching cost is high

Suppliers have limited alternatives There are substitutes for

in the native market the circus, e.g. Concerts

Suppliers input is
essential for the Buyers have options

Suppliers input is not a commodity Products are only for

entertainment purpose (not
Threat of new entrants:
Moderately low
Threat of substitutes:
High capital cost
Learning Curve available

Customers have
low switching cost
The industry is not attractiv

due to:
Moderate Competitive
High Bargaining power
of buyer
High threat of
Favorable facts for
Cirque du Soleil:
Low threat of new
Low bargaining
power of suppliers.
Value Net
Other Circuses Circus Schools
Indirect (Montreals National Circus
Competitors/Substitute School, Ecole de Cirque du
products: music Industry Quebec)
Industry Competit Suppliers
Entertainment industry
Cirque Du
Buye Complemen
rs tors
Audience/Fans TV Channels

(Family) Broadcasters

Adults, Corporate

The firms
Head Quarter and reputation and
Integrated network
Housing Facility brand name are its
of people
Cirque has the capability greatest intangible Diversified and
of utilizing itshuge plant resources along decentralized workforce
area in producing
with the creative which is not achievable in
everything inhouse and
depending very little on heads. a short period of time.
external sources.
Key Success Factors
Competitive- Prestigious Awards: Emmy, Drama
National Art Center awards
Technology: own expertise in costume
Marketing: CSR programs- 1% of Cirque
Revenues goes to Development of
Disadvantaged Children
Organization: Taking talented performers from
around the world through Cirque du Monde

Operational: a trainer goes with the performers in

every event
Financial: Remuneration is around C$40,000-
Cirque du Soleil should diversify its business in different
sectors like museum, theme park, etc. to grab more customers
and improve its financial condition

Cirque du Soleil should go for TV broadcasting because it will


give them the opportunity to reach places where they cant

physically perform.
Through Broadcasting they can generate revenue and spread
their brand name throughout the world.

Cirque du Soleil should remain as a private organization so that

Guy Laliberte can always take care of the creative side, which
has made the company so unique.

Cirque du Soleil can build their own training academy

If they have the financial capacity

they should build the Mega Complex,
this blue ocean strategy will add a
competitive edge in the industry

Md. Nakibur Md. Asif Md. Mustafa Iftekhar

Shamim Monour Shadman Ameen
Afifa Ahmed Rahman Chowdhury Shakil Mahmood
1330175630 1310124630
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