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Made Simple
Haley Marks-George
Biology 11
March 27, 2017
 The word symbiosis
comes from the
Greek roots "sym"
meaning with and
"biosis" meaning
living. Symbiosis
describes situations
in which animals
live with each other
 Mutualism is  Bees and
symbiosis that is Flowers
beneficial to both In this mutualistic
organisms relationship, the
involved. bees get food and
the flowering plants
get to reproduce.
 Anassociation Remora/Shark
between two The remora fish attaches
organisms in itself onto sharks, whales,
which one benefits and large turtles, and is
carried from meal to meal,
and the other eating scraps the host leaves
derives neither behind. The remora receives
both transportation and food
benefit nor harm. from the relationship, but the
shark doesn’t receive
anything in particular.
 Parasitism is a Flea/Dog Relationship
 A flea benefits from a dog
non-mutual by sucking blood from
relationship them. The dog is the food
between species, source. The flea makes the
dog very uncomfortable by
where one injecting a small amount of
species, the saliva into the skin in order
to feed. The reaction to the
parasite, benefits saliva causes the dog to
at the expense of scratch and feel
the other, the host