Thursday March 23rd 2017

• Pick up your spirals/folders from the front, take out a pen/pencil
and your bellwork.

• Also, pick up a guided note packet at the front table.

• We are taking notes over US Sectionalism (Road to the Civil War)

• Bellwork: What issues would make a country divide into sections?
• Can be past/present issues.

• For Friday, write no bellwork.
Sub Announcement for tomorrow
• I have to take a test and will be gone.

• You will work on the map First (for a grade).

• Then you will do the crossword.
• This will be a replacement classwork grade for a 70 if complete.
• This will not cover the map. If you don’t do the map = 0.

• Everything will be collected at the end of the class period.

• Best behaved class gets candy!
Compromise of
• Support: Congressmen Henry Clay and Daniel Webster

• Oppose: Southerners – afraid of losing power in legislative branch

1. California enters the Union as a free state
2. New territories will use popular sovereignty to determine slave or
3. Slave trade is outlawed in Washington D.C.
4. Fugitive Slave Act
Fugitive Slave Act
• Law: required the return of runaway slaves

• Free African Americans could be sent South if someone claimed to be their

• Fugitives have no right to a trial by jury or to testify in their own defense

• Federal officials were paid a bounty (money) for each fugitive
Uncle Tom’s Cabin
• Written by Harriet Beecher Stowe

• Fictional account of the evils and cruelty of slavery

• Sold thousands of copies; increased support
for abolition
• Created Kansas and Nebraska territories

• Repealed the 36 30’ line from the Missouri Compromise

• Growing number of settlers will use popular sovereignty to determine slave or free
Bleeding Kansas
• Pro vs. Anti-slavery forces fight over Kansas for years (John Brown leads Anti-slavery)

• Settlers from both sides poured into Kansas to decide the slavery issue (popular sovereignty)

• Voter fraud in elections leads to bloodshed and destruction
Monday March 27th 2017.
• Pick up your spirals/folders from the front, take out a pen/pencil and
your bellwork.

• We are taking notes and doing a worksheet.

• Sectionalism Quiz Friday 3/31.


• Bellwork:
• What law created a profit motive in returning escaped slaves or capturing free
African Americans?
For STAAR and Class
• Bring something to read when finished STAAR TEST!!!

• Tuesday 3/28: 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th periods meet.

• Wednesday 3/29: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th periods meet.

• We will have study hall. Perfect time to make up
work/organize folder!
• This is NOT free time. Classroom rules still apply.
Dred Scott
• Dred Scott: a slave in Missouri, owned by an Army officer
• Taken to Illinois and Wisconsin (both free)
• Owner dies in 1846: Scott sues, claiming he is free since he lived in 2 free

Court Decision
• Slaves are not citizens. They are property and
cannot sue anyone in court
• Congress has no power to limit the
expansion of slavery (huge win for the South)
Judge Dred
Taney Scott
John Brown & Harper’s Ferry
• John Brown: radical abolitionist, willing to kill and die for abolition

• Leads followers to arsenal at Harper’s Ferry - Plans to arm slaves and start a

• Local militia & marines (led by Robert E. Lee) kill or capture all of Brown’s men

• Brought national attention to the division on the nation
Election of
• Slavery is the primary issue of the 1860 election
• New Republican Party had formed in 1854
• Lincoln promised he would NOT abolish slavery where it already
• South did not believe Lincoln – threatened to secede if elected
South Carolina Secedes
• South Carolina secedes a month after the election of 1860
• Ten more states will join SC in the next few months
• Population in 1860: North = 22 million, South = 9.1 million
o 39% of South is slave