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Words easily confused

related to crime.
Victim Witness
(n) Someone e
(n) A person who is
(n) Someone who
sees an event
who has happen, especially
the prisoner of
suffered someone threatening an accident or a
the effects to kill them in order crime.
to force other people Ex. Mr. Brown was
of illness, the witness of the
to do something.
violence or Ex. These women were assassination of
bad luck. kept hostages by the those people, that’s
person who stole the why we have to
Ex. The kids diamond at the protect him.
were museum, he wanted Synonyms:
victims of his freedom in observer,
the war. onlooker,
Synonyms: captive, eyewitness.
Arrest Convict
(v) to Sentence
(v) to
• (v) ( Of the police) decide officially
to take someone to officially in state what
the police station court that a
where she/he is punishment
questioned about a someone is
crime they have guilty of will be.
committed. committing Ex. The jury
• Ex. The policeman a crime. just
ran around the sentenced
corner and arrested Ex. He was
the criminal. convicted them to
• Synonyms: for stilling prison!
detention, the Synonyms:
diamond. pass
seizure, capture.
Synonyms: judgment
Forge Deceive Cheat
• (v) to make
an illegal • (v) to trick
• (v) to
copy of someone by
something behaving in a
dishonest dishonestl
in order to
way. y or not
stick by
• Ex. They • Ex. We
the rules
forge fake deceived the
DVDs for a bugler
so you can
living. running get what
• Synonyms: towards the you want.
fake, falsify, opposite • Ex. He
copy, direction. cheated in
replicate. • Synonyms: the exam.
Fake Deceptive False
• (adj) not
real, but • (adj) •(adj) not
made to something true.
look real in that looks •Ex. Look
order to very different for a false
deceive. from what it bottom in
• Ex. That is a really is. the box.
fake disk. • Ex. They
• Synonyms: were so
deceptive, : untrue,
sham, fallacious.
you almost
believe them.
• Synonym:
• ( Adjective) : not genuine; counterfeit.
• Ex: Fake designer clothing.
• Synonyms: fraudulent, sham, imitation,
inauthentic, phony.
• ( Noun) : a thing that is not genuine; a
forgery or sham.
• Ex: The painting was a fake.
• Synonyms: forgery, pirate(d) copy, sham, fraud,
• ( Verb): forge or counterfeit (something).
• Ex: The woman faked her spouse's signature.
• Synonyms: forge, counterfeit, falsify, mock up,
copy, pirate.
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