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(Electronic Sports)

The Biggest Sport
You've Probably Never
Heard Of

 Electronic sports, abbreviated e-sports is used as a general
term to describe the play of video games competitively.
 Other terms include competitive gaming, professional gaming
and cybersports.
 Games that are played as electronic sports normally belong to t
he real-time strategy (RTS), fighting, first-person shooter (FPS),
massively-multiplayer online (MMOG), and racing genres.
 They are played competitively at amateur, semi-professional an
d professional levels including in leagues and tournaments.

At professional events administrators will normally be present to ensure fair play . Over the Internet (Online) The easiest way to play an electronic sports match is over the. however. Over a local area network (Offline) Playing over a Local area network(LAN) has a number of advantages: the network has less lag and higher quality. General online play is subject to the lessened ability to detect cheating and the more unpredictable network latency not being the ideal environment for high level competition.Difference from online and offline gam ing. and the competitors can be directly scrutinized for cheating. even players who are used to LAN games use Internet games for fun and exhibition games. due to its convenience.

including the 1987 Video Game Masters Tournament for Guinness World Records. Players connected to each other modem-to-modem and online competitive gaming was born. chat rooms and among the first known users of IRC for gaming.Electronic Sports History Arcade era  Video games have been played competitively since their inception. Early PC Era  -Doom The release of Doom on December 10. National Video Game Team in 1983. - . and they created the U.S. A handful of Doom fan sites report the favored maps of the time being e1m4 and e1m5. Twin Galaxies is known for keeping track of high scores on many classic arcade games. The team ran a number of competitions. 1993 introduced multi-player death match games. Doom spawned newsgroups.


.Getting a career in eSports Esports is a growing area that offers several viable ca reer options to people. though it may not yet be com mon knowledge to everyone. There is still a misconception held by some that playi ng video games is a waste of time and not constructi ve or valuable to a person's development or career Esports actually presents job seekers with genuine o pportunities.

What kind of jobs are there? Professional player Shoutcaster/host Coach/analyst Journalist/content creator PR/Marketing executive Product manager Sales/partnerships manager Admin/referee Organisation owner/manager Community/social media manager Broadcast/production crew Event manager Agent .

Professional Player DOTA 2 .

USD $389.Chai "Mushi" Yee Fung is a Malaysian professional Dota 2 player.131 Highest Earning Professional Player Fr om Malaysia .

 providing in sight. excitement. . similar to a sports caster of other sports.  Casters play an essential role in the eSports scene. humor. and unique personality to games that  would otherwise have to be enjoyed alone. The Caster Caster is someone who commentates live tournament or pub g ames to an audience.

The Business Opportunity Ready To Explore THE BUSINESS IMPLICATIONS OF Esport? .

 (e.STUDIO RIGHTS/EVENT SPONSORS HIP Embrace and create branded boutique broadcast traini ng and practice facilities.  Become a key sponsor or host for one of the major tou rnaments in arenas across the country . Red Bull Studios)  Leverage any existing or temporary brick and mortar s paces for eSports training and development.g.

  This creates a natural way to integrate products and servic es. CREATE EXCLUSIVE PLATFO RM SPONSORSHIPS Embrace the opportunity to partner with game developers. . Brands can advance their story by creating content.  eSports organizers. and broadcasters to create brand spon sored tournaments. prizes.  and platforms that allow new fan engagement as well as pl ayer and gameplay development.

00 Runner-Up: $25. Tournament and Events There are many.00 Round of 32: $430 USD 7th $500.000 2nd $3.00 Quarter-Finalists: $3.00 Winner: $85.00 Semi-Finalists: $8. MLG: GSL: Dreamhack: 1st $5.000.00  .000.000.400 5th $1.600 4th $1.00 Round of 16: $1710 6th $700. the GSL (global star league) and Dreamhack all attract a huge crowd and put up a substantial prize pool for the winners and runners up. Events such a MLG (major league gaming). many tournaments held all over the world allowing players to compete and attracting huge crowds of fans to spectate and cheer on their favourite players.700 Runner-up: $4000 3rd $2.400.00 Round of 64: $260 USD 8th $400.700 Winner: $11.000.

Strategy to Attract Foreign Tour ists .

eSport have their own fans from around the world The state allows the organization of events esport help strengthen the country's economy .

 ESL One Genting. ESL One Genting 2017 ESL is excited to unveil the first Dota 2 stop for ESL  One in 2017.000 prize pool. Attendance at events to reach 10 thousand people . at the Resorts World  Genting in Malaysia!  The first ever Malaysian ESL One event which is par t of the Genting Highlands Resort and feature eight o f the world’s best Dota 2 teams as they compete for  a US$250.


Conclusion eSport gives many benefits to individuals. commu nities and countries if monitored properly If the individual competition / event esport and w on the event it will raise the country's name .

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