Customer Experience

Customer Expectations

• Acknowledge that the types and sources of expectations are similar for end consumers and business customers. Customer Experiences & Expectations of Service • Recognize that customers hold different types of expectations for service performance. • Discuss the sources of customer expectations of service. . • Current issues surrounding customer expectations.

Amazon .services and other outputs. • High quality end to end.processes.technologies. order to delivery CE …. What is customer experience? • Is the cognitive and affective outcome of the customer’s exposure to or interaction with company’s people.

The Transition Economy Agrarian Industrial Service Experience Function Extract Make Deliver Stage Nature Fungible Tangible Intangible Memorable Attribute Natural Standardized Customized Personal Method of Stored in Inventoried Delivered Revealed supply bulk on demand over time Seller Trader Manufacturer Provider Stager Buyer Market User Client Guest .

Branded experiences . mundane repetitive to one off. Some features CE can be ritualistic. Experience may/not tie with products.

Some concepts Touchpoint MOT Engagement .

How to measure Mystery shopping Experience mapping Process mapping .

Serves as reference points. What is expectation Things you believe will happen. Knowing what customer expect will determine service quality. .

Possible Levels of Customer Expectations .

Dual Customer Expectation Levels Desired Service Adequate Service .

The Zone of Tolerance Desired Service Zone of Toleranc e Adequate Service .

93-104 (May 1993). Zeithaml. Berry. A. Report No. . and V. A. Parasuraman. “Ten Lessons for Improving Service Quality. Zones of Tolerance for Different Service Dimensions Desired Desired Service Service Level Zone of of Expectati Toleranc Desired Service on e Adequate Adequate Service Service Zone of Tolerance Adequate Service Reliability Tangibles Source: L. L.” Marketing Science Institute.

Factors That Influence Desired Service Personal Personal Philosophy Philosophy Desired Service Personal Personal Needs Needs Zone of Tolerance Derived Derived Service Service expectations expectations Adequate Service .

Factors That Influence Adequate Service Desired Service Zone Perceived Perceived Service Service of Alternatives Alternatives Tolerance Adequate Predicted Predicted Service Service Service Situational Situational Factors Factors .

Factors That Influence Desired and Predicted Service Explicit Service Promises Implicit Service Promises Desired Service Word-of-Mouth Zone Past Experience of Tolerance Predicted Adequate Service Service .

Frequently Asked Questions About Customer Expectations • What does a service marketer do if customer expectations are “unrealistic”? • Should a company try to delight the customer? • How does a company exceed customer service expectations? • Do customer service expectations continually escalate? • How does a service company stay ahead of competition in meeting customer expectations? .

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