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LabVIEW Basics I Course

National Instruments
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LV Basics I

Evolution of Instrumentation Flexibility PC TV 50 75 Radio 25 10 0 0 Clock Time PC Based Virtual Instrumentation has become the new methodology for instrumentation LV Basics I .

Virtual Instrumentation Stand Alone Instrument PC Based Instrument DISPLAY AND CONTROL Vendor Defined User Defined LV Basics I .

Key Elements of Virtual Instruments Acquisition Analysis Presentation INSTRUMENT User Interface Signal DAQ Boards Calculate Routing and IEEE488 (GPIB) Hard Copy Conditioning VXI RS-232 File I/O Format Interprocess Communication Trigger Control Networking LV Basics I .

The Virtual Instrument Industry-standard components Flexible Scalable Connectivity Compatibility Increased productivity Reduced cost LV Basics I .

LabVIEW The Industry-Standard Virtual Instrumentation Software Graphical Programming for Virtual Instrumentation • front panel graphical user interfaces • graphical block diagram source code • compiler for optimized execution Standalone executables for easy distribution LV Basics I .

2 NI-VXI NI-DAQ Serial Commands LV Basics I . Software Architecture LabVIEW Acquisition Analysis Presentation Instrument Drivers NI-488.

OpenWindows.LabVIEW 5 1996 • The Power to Make It Simple! LabVIEW 4 1996 .LabVIEW 4 1994 • Customizable Interface LabVIEW for HP-UX Add-On Toolkits September 1992 1994 . LabVIEW Product History 1998 LabVIEW 5 1998 . X Windows – Introduction on other platforms U.LabVIEW 3 LabVIEW for Windows – LabVIEW for HP-UX LabVIEW for Sun – Add-On Toolkits April 1990 1992 .S.S.four years of customer feedback – Compiler to match industry needs October 1986 1986 . Patent January 1990 1990 .New operating systems U.LabVIEW 2 LabVIEW 2 – Mature product -.LabVIEW concept – Search for instrumentation software solution LV Basics I – Virtual instrument concept .LabVIEW 1 LabVIEW 1 – Introduced innovative approach to programming – Macintosh only possible platform April 1983 LabVIEW Concept 1983 . Patent February 1990 – Microsoft Windows.

Multiplatform Compatibility • Platform neutral • Leverage common technology • Migrate applications between platforms • Also available on Concurrent PowerMAX LV Basics I .

Integrating Your System Hardware & Driver Software LabVIEW Acquisition and Control PC or Software Workstation Analysis and Presentation DAQ Products Serial Instruments Process GPIB Instruments Other networked computers Unit Under Test VXI Instruments LV Basics I .

2 Signal generation GUI controllers Digital filters Strip charts Plug-in data acquisition boards Smoothing windows Graphs VXI controllers Statistics Hardcopy Software for DSP hardware File I/O RS-232 instruments HiQ (Post analysis and report generation) LabVIEW. LabWindows/CVI. and ComponentWorks LV Basics I . Who Is National Instruments? Acquisition Analysis Presentation IEEE 488.