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Ethinos digital snapshot October 2 . Internet Statistics India Internet Users Population Penetration 402+ Mn 1.5% *Source: Slideshare .32+ Bn 31.1% Share of World Internet Population 13.




in the 18-35 age-bracket through YouTube campaigns. .70% of YouTube India’s over 60 million unique users are below the age of 35 Brands are targeting.

Brand integration with a web series costs a company a minimum of ₹50L .Series Brand Integration The brand integration deals on YouTube are very different from traditional TV ads. Web . .

76.73.65 YRF 40.447 7 2.55.30 CVS 3D Rhymes 1 6.4 T-Series 1 90 Eros Now 1 . Zeetv 49.29 ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs 3 3.43.741 3 6.56.47 Sony Music India SET India 84.44.67 Colors TV 1 4.624 1 2.891 5 2.72.93.Top 10 Indian YouTube Channels Subscribe YouTube Channel Name Video Views rs 1.

The localized content languages will be on both YouTube’s homepage and in its trending section. YouTube India is showing users more content in their preferred local language. and will be targeted based on users’ watch .

and the app allows peer-to-peer video sharing via Bluetooth.  In addition.  People can preview video content before splurging on the data needed to download it.  Viewers can also select the resolution of their video content as . giving them the option of downloading content to be viewed offline later. it provides video options geared to low-income users. Updated YouTube App for India  The app was designed for with limited or poor Wi-Fi access.

uploaded by independent creators skyrocketed by 90% year-over-year  . and 40% rely on the platform as an educationalHours resource. 63% use YouTube to watch music videos. which boasted 138% year- over-year growth in terms of watch time. while mobile watch time has grown by 131% The fastest-growing content category in India is beauty and fashion.  75% of users say they visit YouTube as their first stop for video. followed by comedy and entertainment (100% year-over-year growth). YouTube India Stats YouTube announced some stats regarding its “breakneck growth” in India Watch time in India has grown 80% year-over-year with 55% of that viewership taking place on mobile devices. and indie musicians (92%).

.. India's top YouTube stars — they are comedians. chefs. and they are all the rage . musicians. YouTube Creators Insights YouTube stardom is a new phenomenon in India. doctors.

Sharp growth in internet connections. In India. The active internet user base in India nearly trebled from 120 million in 2012 to 343 million in 2015. YouTube Creators Insights cont. YouTube has felt the growth first-hand.8 lakh videos.48 billion views and attract 1. Meanwhile. get 9.000 active YouTube channels upload 3. a surge in Smartphone sales and the emergence of YouTube role models like AIB and The Viral Factory (TVF) worked as a catalyst.. every month some 20.950) to $45 (Rs 2. the number of smart phones rose from 42 million to 240 million even as prices of the cheapest Smartphone's dipped from $75 (Rs 4. .970).1 crore new subscribers.

669 1. Competitor YouTube Channel Analysis Subscribers Subscribers Subscribers Subscribers 433 29.156.818 .290 34.863.182.435 Lifetime Video Views Lifetime Video ViewsLifetime Video Views Lifetime Video Views 113.384 518.715 7.800 Subscribers Subscribers Subscribers 19.307.445 67.048 2.021.505 97.979 6.261 Lifetime Video Views Lifetime Video Views Lifetime Video Views 16.912.046 54.