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Mechanical Converter

External Thread (Bolt) Internal

Thread (Nut)
Micrometer is a measuring instrument which uses a principle
of mechanical converter.
Outside Micrometer is used to measure outer diameter. Inner
Micrometer is used to measure inner diameter. Depth
Micrometer is used to measure depths.
Theoretically, one revolution of measuring spindle equal to
one pitch of external thread (0.5 mm)
The scale on thimble is divided into 50 equal parts, one parts
equal to 0.01 mm of the distance moved by the thimble per
The accuracy of the threadform of the screw determines
the accuracy of the micrometer. If theres a differences
in lead distance, it might impact on reading value of
micrometer scale.
Inconsistencies of human hands on rotating the spindle
will impact to repeatability of measurement. It might be
To prevent these inconsistencies, measurement should
be done by rotating ratchet. Ratchet ensures the
accuracy of measurement result and the repeatability
of measurement result. Because the rotating intensity