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Oracle Fusion Enterprise Structures

Release 11
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Fusion Enterprise Structure Model Enterprise Vision Holding Company LE (BSV 10) Ledgers US Ledger Canada Ledger UK Ledger Legal Entities (LE) US West LE US East LE Canada LE UK LE (BSVs) (01) (02) (21) (31) Business Units (BU) US BU Canada BU UK BU Accounting Business Function (Req & Invoicing) (Req & Invoicing) (Req & Invoicing) Purchasing Business Function SSC BU (Purchasing) Many: 1 Inventory Orgs (IO) US West IO US East IO Holding IO Canada IO UK IO 2Copyright © 2014. All rights reserved. Oracle and/or its affiliates. Insert Information Protection Policy Classification from Slide 13 .

Key Product Features Fusion Enterprise Structures Reference Data Chart of Enterprise Calendars Sharing Accounts •• Enterprise Enterprise Name Name •• Reference Reference Data Data •• Value Value Sets Sets •• Accounting Accounting •• Legal Legal Information Information Sets Sets •• Structures Structures Calendars Calendars •• Manage Manage •• Structure Structure Instances Instances •• Transaction Transaction Enterprise Enterprise HCM HCM •• Value Value Set Set Values Values Calendars Calendars Information Information •• Hierarchies Hierarchies •• Manage Manage Legal Entities •• Account Account Combinations Combinations Locations Locations •• Legal Legal •• Cross-Validation Cross-Validation Rules Rules Currencies Jurisdictions Jurisdictions •• Segment Segment Value Value •• Legal Legal Authorities Authorities Security Security Rules Rules •• Conversion Conversion Rate Rate •• Legal Legal Addresses Addresses •• Chart Chart of of Account Account Types Types •• Geographies Geographies Mappings Mappings •• Daily Daily Rates Rates •• Legal Legal Entity Entity Configurator Configurator Copyright © 2013. . Oracle and/or it’s affiliates. All rights reserved.

1. . Top-Down Top-Down Design Design •• Reporting Reporting Requirements Requirements 2. Business Business Units Units •• Other Other Segments Segments •• Future Future Segments Segments •• Project Project Segments Segments Copyright © 2013. Ledger Ledger Sets Sets •• Cost Cost Center Center Segment Segment 4. Single Single Global Global Chart Chart of of Accounts Accounts 1. 1. 3. 2. 5. All rights reserved. 4. 2. Number Number ofof Ledgers Ledgers •• Secondary •• Allocations Allocations Secondary Ledgers Ledgers •• Reporting Reporting Currencies Currencies 2. Legal Legal Entities Entities •• Intercompany Intercompany Segment Segment 5. Oracle and/or it’s affiliates. Segment Segment Identification Identification •• Adjusting Adjusting Ledgers Ledgers •• Balancing Balancing Segment Segment •• Account Account Segment Segment 3. Implementation Considerations General Considerations Chart of Accounts 1.

. Sharing Setup Data Fusion: Reference Data (Setup) can be shared across BUs Example: Receivables US Legal Entity Payment Terms BU East BU West Payment Terms: Payment Terms: Payment Terms: •EAST Immediate •COMMON 2/10 Net 30 WEST • Net 15 • Net 30 • Net 45 Copyright © 2013. Oracle and/or it’s affiliates. All rights reserved.

Oracle and/or it’s affiliates. All rights reserved. Fusion Model Separation of Reference Data from Organizational Partition Reference Data Set Partitioned Tables Reference Reference Data Data Set Operating Unit Partitioned Tables Transactional Business Unit Data Copyright © 2013. .

specific data where appropriate Copyright © 2013. Data Reference Data Set 1 Data Set 2 Data Set 1 (set_id =0) Data Set 2 Org 1 Org 2 Org 3 Org 1 Org 2 Org 3 Selected sharing of reference data “Common” reference data set shared by all sets across organizations but retain org. Oracle and/or it’s affiliates. (same as EBS) Note: “Enterprise” shipped for seed data. Reference data set shared by all orgs. All rights reserved. . Reference Reference Reference “Common” Ref. Fusion Model: Implementation Choices Reference Reference Reference Reference Data Set 1 Data Set 1 Data Set 2 Data Set 3 “Enterprise” Org 1 Org 2 Org 3 Org 1 Org 2 Org 3 Reference data set per org.

. Customer Implementation Considerations 1. Define Business Units 2. Determine how to split reference data using Reference Data Sets 4. Map Reference Data Sets to a Business Unit for each reference group Copyright © 2013. Define Business Functions per Business Unit (include any downstream Business Functions that should be outsourced) 3. All rights reserved. Oracle and/or it’s affiliates.

1118/e4952 8/F1004341AN10084.1 on My Oracle Support) • Oracle Applications Cloud Understanding Enterprise Structures Release 13.2 http://docs. Oracle and/or it’s affiliates. All rights reserved. Documentation • Understanding Enterprise Structures • Oracle Fusion Applications Enterprise Structures for Financials(Document Copyright © 2013. .com/cd/E48434_01/doc.

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