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Art One Digital Portfolio

September 6, 2016 - January 20, 2017
Developing Artist: Mackenzie Marshall
Stippling, a method of artwork using small dots to create the values of
an object was one of the most tedious works I have done this semester,
but it was certainly one of the most interesting. I have done a replica of
a seashell, which allowed me to get creative, as the image lacked sense
of value, allowing me to create some of my own. To create this piece,
the media I have used is a Pigma Micron ink oen, in the color black,
found in the classroom supplies. Some of the vocabulary we may have
learned is the word stippling itself, as well as pointilism. Along with the
vocabulary we learned, we have learned about famous artist
specializing in pointilism, such as George Seurat, and Chuck Close.
Stippling Photos
Artist Statement (Stippling)
I am very satisfied with my stippling project, and I am most proud of the
sense of value I have created myself, and the way I have created lines
and details within the design of the shell. If I could change something
about the project to improve it, I would essentially blend the darker
values in with the lights a little better, so it isn’s as bold. Also, I noticed I
do have some, but few “tails” following my dots, and I would have been
more careful.
Still Life Drawing
The Still Life Drawing project was one of my favorites, as it was really an
improvement on my drawing skills. For the project, I selected the skull in the
still life set-up to be my focus, with surrounding objects leading the eye to it.
The light source was located in the left upper corner, as the photos will show
the values proving. For this project, it was required to use different drawing
techniques, which made it fun because it allowed me to see the individual
effects of each one. The media used to create this piece included a variety
of pencils, such as Prismacolor scholar drawing pencils, varying from H to B.
Along with the Prismacolor pencils, a Prospector extra black pencil was
used, as well as white and black charcoal pencils found in the classroom. A
myriad of vocabulary was learned in this project, such as composition, focal
point, hierarchy, overlap, and proportion. As well as these words, we learned
terms such as center- biased, rule of thirds, back, middle, and foreground,
and assymetry. The shading vocabulary we learned included contrast,
implied texture, value scale, chiaroscuro, occlusion shadow, and terminator.
Still Life Photos
Artist Statement (Still Life)
I am really actually ecstatic with the way my
still life drawing turned out. I am very proud of
the effects of the different techniques of
shading and drawing, with the way they
affected the appearance of the objects to give
them a textured look. I am really happy with
the way the composition itself turned out as
well. However, if I could change something
about this piece, it would be the appearance of
the vase. I dont feel as if I captured the look of
the glass in the way I would have liked.