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10 Step Marketing Plan for

Orlistat (Xenical)
Junnosuke Kato
January 25, 2011

The Print Ad Taken from YES! Magazine. 187 . p. December 2009 Issue.

Competition &Competitive Position Map 4. Gap. Primary Target Market (PTM) 2. Market Size .Outline 1. Wants &Demands of the Primary Target Market 3. Opportunity & Positioning 5. Needs.

Product 7. Promotion 8. Generic Winning Strategy . Price 9. Distribution 10.Outline 6.

1. hypertension & cardiovascular disease) • Doctors ▫ Physicians who handle such patients . Who is it intended for? • Over-the-Counter Clients ▫ Individuals who self-medicate w/ the intention of losing weight regardless of reason (but primarily aesthetic) • Patients ▫ Obese (BMI ≥ 25 kg/m2) ▫ Obese w/ risk factors (high blood cholesterol.

and somehow has a favorable impact on certain relationships. What does it satisfy? Psychological Needs: Reduction of weight at a desired level boosts confidence and self- esteem. Basic Needs: Reduction of excess body fat also decreases the chances of a person to develop certain types of illnesses .2.

3. Who competes w/ Xenical? • Lesofat ▫ Main competitor after expiry of patent • Smuggled generic formulations • Counterfeit products • Other anti-obesity agents (Sibutramine HCl) .

How does its competitors fair? PRICE/QUALITY LOW-END MID-RANGE PREMIUM MATRIX QUALITY QUALITY QUALITY HIGH PRICE Salbutramine HCl Xenical LOW PRICE Lesofat Generics Counterfeit .3.

Where is the gap? • Xenical patented Orlistat ▫ Greatest exposure time to clients among its competitors ▫ A certain level of quality & trust is perceived to the original producer .4.

g. Mercury Drug Store). What is the size of its market? • No information was extracted from the print ad • Given the sheer number of distributors (e.5. a relatively huge market size primarily from over-the-counter clients is expected .

6. What is the product? • Anti-obesity agent ▫ Taken once a day during meals ▫ Prevents the absorption of fat from diet  Reduces caloric intake ▫ Moderately lowers blood pressure ▫ Moderately decreases risk of diabetes .

7. How much is it? • Not in the print ad • 1 capsule (120 mg) costs P41 (MIMS) .

Adopting the across-the-line promotion • Internet-based marketing ▫ Social network • Other media ▫ Magazine and newspaper print ads ▫ TV commercials ▫ Billboard posters ▫ Text contact .8.

Where to buy? • All major drug stores in the country .9.

The generic winning strategy • Indicate more studies to back up claims • Maintain marketing the aesthetic benefits of the product • Bank on the fact that Xenical was the patent holder of Orlistat .10.

187 .The Print Ad Taken from YES! Magazine. December 2009 Issue. p.

Needs. Primary Target Market (PTM) 2. Opportunity & Positioning 5. Market Size . Competition &Competitive Position Map 4.Outline 1. Gap. Wants &Demands of the Primary Target Market 3.

Promotion 8. Price 9. Generic Winning Strategy .Outline 6. Distribution 10. Product 7.

2011 .10 Step Marketing Plan for Orlistat (Xenical) Junnosuke Kato January 25.