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Can Anything Fly?
When under the influence of gravity,
nothing can fly without an upwards force to
counteract its weight.

This is because gravity is an acceleration
and will constantly produce a downwards
force on an object. (weight = mass x
How Does an Airplane Fly?
In order for a plane to fly, it must first have
Thrust (propelling force that moves an
airplane forward)
How Does an Airplane Fly?
As an airplane moves forward on a runway, air
begins to flow around it
How Does an
Airplane Fly?
A plane can fly
thanks to
Principle: The
faster a fluid (gas
or liquid) moves,
the lower its
How Does an
Airplane Fly?
Because there is less
pressure above the
plane, and more
below, the plane is
sucked / pushed
upward, producing
lift (upwards force
that makes flight
How Does a Plane Use Lift?

The Angle of Attack is the angle of
the aircraft compared to the wind.
When a plane increases its angle of
attack, it generates more lift and flies
upward; however, it also generates
an increasing amount of drag...
How Does a Plane Use Lift?
10 ˚ 20 30
˚ ˚
Why Do Planes Stall?
What is Drag?
Drag is the opposing force to thrust
(similar to friction)
How Does Shape Affect Drag?
The Four Forces of Flight
Thrust- generated by
Lift- generated by an engine (propeller or
the low-pressure zone jet) and directly opposing

Weight- The downward
force generated by the mass of
the object under the influence
Drag- generated by thrust, of gravity
lift, and the form of the body