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My Culture of Wonder: Rachid Yazami

By :Ranya Bouaroua
Important information

My scientist name is rachid yazami
Rachid is a french moroccan scientist ,he is naturally form
morocco but now he is also a french citizen.
he was born on april 16 1953 ,he is 63 years old.
Rachid yazami was educated at grenoble institute of
technology,he studied bacteries he served as an advisor at
novo tellus capital partners
He had over 25 years of experience in research and
development of electrochemical and materials science
He is pretty famous in France/Morocco for his amazing
inventions, including the invention of the lithium ion batteries.
Facts : rachid was listed as inventor on more than
70 patents related to battery technology ,including
nano-si and nano-gel-based anodes for ultra-high
rate charge lithium batteries ,the lithium -carbon
fluoride battery for space and medical
applications,and more recently liquid anodes.
How and why i picked this person?
How i picked this person is by going to google and googling
scientist in africa and europe ,and his name popped out in
the first link i clicked on the website and there were
information about him i read and i decided he may be a pretty
cool person to learn about.
Why i picked this person is because ,he has some good
inventions and ideas that help science.
Thank you !!!!!!!!!!