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Discuss the questions

1. What is necessary in order to get a business loan (to

borrow money) from a bank?
Identification, if you borrow much money you need have
houses, land, title deed.
2. Is it possible for people to move up in their economic
class? (If so, how can they do it?) Is there more
possibility of this in some countries than in others?
Yes, it is. They must have a good job, get much money and
high position in their working place
3. Brainstorm the problems of very poor people. Then
brainstorm possible solutions to these problems. Write
your ideas in the chart below.
3.1.3. Read sentences and answer the

1. This is a group of entrepreneurs- i.e., people who own

and run their own small businesses.
What are entrepreneurs?
They are people who run and own small business
2. Instead of collateral, there is peer pressure; i.e., group
members make sure that each person pays back his or
her loan
What happen when there is peer pressure?
Each member in the group try to pay back her/his loan
3. The Global Fund for Women helps find solutions to social
ills -e.g., violence and lack of education.
What are examples of social ills?
Violence and lack of education
3.1.4. Make guesses about the meaning of
underlined words

- Using Parts of Speech to Understand
sometimes the context does not give a clear
definition or example of a new word.
- You can't be sure about the exact meaning, but
you can still make an intelligent guess and not
waste time by going to the dictionary.
+ figure out the part of speech of the new word.
+ imagine in your mind what other word might be
logical in that place.
Everyone in the group must approve the
loan of every other group member, or
Grameen Bank won't lend the money.
Part of speech: verb
Possible meanings: agree to; say OK about;
1.A poor woman has an idea to lift her and her family out of
Part of speech: verb
Possible meaning: get or find away
2. The primary goal of Gramcen Bank and other, similar
programs is the eradication of poverty.
- Noun
Abolishment, removal, elimination
3. As poverty has decreased, there have been some surprising
secondary effects of microlending programs. Perhaps the
main subsidiary effect has been a
change in the social status of women.
Secondary, supplementary
4. She began the Global Fund for Women. This fund has
given $37 million to over
2,500 women's groups. It gives grants, not loans. The
money is given, not lent fund
- Noun
- Amount (of money), budget
- Noun
- sums of money
5. With careful planning and cooperation, most people use
the money well and then plow both money and
knowledge back into their communities.
Verb: bring
Task 1: Write your answer to these questions

1.What is necessary in order to borrow from Grameen Bank?

What isn't necessary?
Character and capacity are necessary. Collateral isnt necessary
2. Why does Grameen Bank lend mostly to women? Why does
it not lend to people in urban areas?
Because women spend the money on business and repay the
loan while men do not . People in urban areas did not always
repay the loan
3. What is a subsidiary effect of microlending programs?
A change in the social status of women
4. What are some social ills that are often associated with
Violence against women, lack of health care, and lack of
Task 2: Discussing the Reading

1. In a country that you know well, what kind of collateral do

banks require before they loan money to someone?
In our country, we have to have Identification card, if you
borrow much money you need have houses, land, title
deed or monthly salary.
2. Do people sometimes join a cooperative group to borrow
money in that country? If so, what are these groups
called? How do they work?
Yes, they do for example: farmer cooperative group,
women cooperative group.
3. What are some social problems in that country"? What
are people doing to solve them?
3.2.1. Discuss the questions
1. Who are consumers? What do they do?
2. What are some reasons that people
choose one brand of a product instead of
a similar brand of the same product?
3. How does advertising influence people?
1. Who are consumers? What do they do?
2. What are some reasons that people choose one
brand of a product instead of a similar brand of the
same product?

- Hobbies
- Ages
- Work
- Aims
- Incomes
3. How does advertising influence
- Understand more about products (uses,
characteristics, advantages and
- Change their attitude toward products
- Buy things without hesitance
Brain of a man
Components of a brain
3.2.2 Read and identify the Topic and
main idea
Paragraph A

Topic: Marketing
Main idea: How marketers persuade
consumers to buy their products
Paragraph B
Topic: marketers understanding of human
Main idea: A good understanding of human
weakness is essential if a company wants
to sell products
Paragraph C

Topic: Self-image
Main idea: Advertisers also take advantages
of peoples need for good selfi image
Paragraph D
Topic: sense of smell
Main idea: our sense of smell actually
influences our opinion of a product and
our decision to buy it
Paragraph E
Topic: Self-fulfilling prophecies
Main idea: The use of self-fulfilling
prophecies in marketing
Paragraph F
Topic: Marketers power over consumers
Main idea: Marketers may have more power
over consumers than they think