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Childhood & Early Life
Leo Tolstoy was born to Count Nikolay Tolstoy and Princess Volkonskaya in
Yasnaya Polyana, in the Tula Province of Russia. Youngest son of the family,
Tolstoy experienced a lot of personal grief and sorrow at an early age.
His mother passed away when he was just two. At the age of nine, he lost his
father. All his siblings including him were under the care of an aunt, who too
passed away, leaving the care of children to another aunt.
After his failed attempt at attaining education, Tolstoy tried his hand at farming.
Aiming to be the perfect farmer, this attempt too did not bring any favourable
result. However, Tolstoy started writing a journal, a custom which became a
lifelong habit.
Tryst with Writing
His first written work was an autobiographical story in which he penned his fond
childhood memories. Titled Childhood, he submitted the work to The
Contemporary, which was the most popular journal of the time. The story was
readily accepted and published. Little did Tolstoy know then that this was just a
beginning of a prolific career!
Rise to Stardom
It was in 1869 that Tolstoys novel War and Peace was released,
which catapulted him to great success. It was his big ticket to
stardom and success. The book gave a historical account of the
Napoleonic Wars, combined with its thoughtful development of
realistic yet fictional characters. It also highlighted the fact that
much of the quality and meaning of ones life is derived from his
day-to-day activities.
The release of Anna Karenina occurred in a frame of time, from
1873 to 1877, in the Russian Messenger. Anna Karenina not only
further established Tolstoys reputation as a literary genius; it
firmed his financial position as well.
Tolstoys Transformation
In the last phase of his life, Tolstoy established himself as a moral
and religious leader. He had a large following of disciples who were
devoted to him and his believes which they named as Tolstoyism.
Personal Life & Legacy
In 1862, Tolstoy tied the nuptial knot with Sofya Andreyevna Bers,
daughter of a court physician. She was 16 years his junior at the
time of marriage.
Though the couple experienced a happy and contented married life
initially but towards the end, the blissfulness gave way to
unhappiness as Tolstoys beliefs became increasingly radical and in
tangent with those of his wife.
Once there lived a young merchant named Ivan Dmitri Aksionov with his family in the
land of Vladimir, who in his young days, he lived his life to the fullest by experiencing all
the material things world has to offer until he got married. One summer, he planned to
go to Nizhny fair but his wife warned him that she had a bad dream about Ivan that he
returned from the town with hair of grey. Ivan just ignored it. Met a merchant and was
accused for killing it. Then there was a new prisoner named Makar Semyonich. After
months of knowing each other, Aksionov discovered that Makar is the one who killed
the merchant whom he was told he murdered. . Until one night, Ivan heard a noise
under where they were sleeping. He saw Makar and he told him not to tell a word about
what he had witnessed or else he will kill him. Finally, the governor asked Ivan for he
knew he was a just man. But then Ivan said it wasn't his right or his will but God's to tell
such name. One night Makar went to Ivan. He thanked him and felt sorry for what he
had done to him a long time ago that made Ivan suffer for all this years. They sobbed
and said that the Lord will forgive him. Makar said that he will confess to the governor
so that Ivan would be sent free back to his home. Ivan did not want to go out of prison
for he has no family neither home to back to but he waited for his last hour to come. In
spite of what they've talked about, Makar confessed his guilt. But when the order for
Ivan Dmitri Aksionov's release came, he was already dead.

1.Ivan Aksionov is the protagonist in the story. He was accused of

murder of a merchant and was into prisoned for twenty six years of
his life.
2.Makar Semyonich is the antagonist. He was in the middle of
the story where Ivan already spent many years in the prison. He was
described as a tall strong man of sixty, with a closely-gray beard.
3. Ivans wife play only a small part in the story. First part is when
he was telling Ivan not continue to the fair because she dreamt
about him that something might happen but Ivan insisted. Second
part, when she visited him at the prison and asked Ivan if he really
killed the merchant.

Aksionovs house & two shops - Family and

Prison - Suffering and turning point of Aksionovs
White hair - Old age and Wisdom

1.Faith as we have read the story, we think that Ivan didnt

believed in God. Because he was a drinker and a man full of fun. He
was too young then, until he got accused killing the merchant. He
has nothing to prove that he didnt do it because he didnt even
know how the bloody knife got into his bag. And even if he say to
the policeman that he didnt know how it got there, they wouldnt
believe him. He has no choice but come with police and be a
prisoner. Until he said that It seems that only God can know the
truth. It is to Him alone we must appeal, and from him alone expect
2. Forgiveness the most important theme in the story. About
forgiveness in this story, when Ivan forgave Makar
Third persons pov
When Ivan was accused of murdering the merchant.

When the authorities asked Ivan who was the one digging under the
wall and he did not tell him that it was Makar though he is angry with
Foreshadowing- is when Ivans wife dreamt a bad dream
about somethings going to happen if he still go to the fair.
Man VS Society
Here, the first conflict is presented in the story when Ivan stops for a
short break, and suddenly an officer with two soldiers appear and
interrogate with him about the merchant who was found with his throat
Man vs Man
Ivan confronts with the authority again while they discover a secret
tunnel made for eloping. The governor interrogates with Ivan to tell his
knowledge truthfully about the tunnel. Since Ivan knows the truth about
the tunnel, as he found Makar digging it at the middle of the night, he
had been threatened to be killed by Makar if he says a word about it.
Man vs Self
Ivan gets to his final conflict with himself while Makar comes to him at
night confiding of being the one who murdered the merchant and now
seeks for the forgiveness from him.