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Bucharest is the capital city, industrial, and

commercial centre of Romania. Being the

largest city in the country, it is located in the
southeast of the country.
University of Bucharest
The romanian Athenaeum
The Unirii Square fountain
Unirii Avenue
Palace of Parliament
The Village Museum
Sibiu-European Capital of
Culture 2007
Carpathian Mountains
Babele(old women)-
Bucegi mountains
Bucegi Sphinx-is a rock formations, the
result of erosion and varying hardness
of the rock layers
Blea Lake-glaciar lake

In 2006, the first ice hotel in

Eastern Europe was built in
the neighborhood of the
Blea Ice Hotel and Ice Chapel
Transfgran road is the
highest(2000m) and most
dramatic paved road in Romania

The road provides access to Blea Lake

and Blea Waterfall.
The Statue of Dacian king Decebalus is a 40-
meter high statue that is the tallest in Europe.
It is located on the Danube's rocky bank.
Vorone is a monastery in Romania often known as the
Sixtine Chapel of the East due to the magnificant frescoes
on the west wall,a representation of the Last Judgement.In
addition Vorone blue has been added to the lexicon of art
The Pele Castle
Bran Castle-Draculas Castle
The Hunyad Castle(Castelul
Huniazilor )
Biserica Neagr ( Black Church )
The Rnov fortress
The Black Sea
Mamaia is the biggest resort on
the Romania Black Sea shore.
Aqua Magic Mamaia
Casino Constana
The beacon of Port Tomis
The Danube Delta
Constantin Brncui
Was an internationally
renowned romanian
sculptor whose sculptures,
which blend simplicity and
sophistication, led the way
for modernist sculptors.
The Gate of Kiss
The Table of Silence
The Endeless Column
Mademoiselle Pogany
Romanian folklore
Hora is a traditional Romania folk dance that gathers
everyone into a big closed circle. The dancers hold each
other's hands and the circle spins.
Traditional costume in Romania
Other traditional ethnic costumes

Gipsy people
Saxon of Transylvania people
Turkish people Tartar people
Hungarian people

Macedo-romanian people
Italian people

Serbian people
Polish people
Basarabian people
Traditional wedding
The Merry Cemetery (Cimitirul Vesel) is a cemetery in the village
of Spna, Maramure county. It is famous for its colourful
tombstones with nave paintings describing, in an original and
poetic manner, the persons that are buried there as well as
scenes from their lives
Romanian ceramics
Typical private gate in the
Maramure region
Meet the real Romania!

Made by : Daciana Emanuela Munteanu

Music:George Enescu-Romanian
Rhapsody No.1