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SM & Digital Brand Management

P. Vigneswara Ilavarasan
Forms of Digital Brand Mgmt

Vignesh 2
Digital Brand Management
Only in the digital world
Other world exists always
Attempt for a broader understanding
In-depth brand management analysis
helps better!

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Rajdhani Thali
British Airlines_Ticket to Mom
Dove & Ponds @ Facebook
Help a child to reach 5

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Forms of DBM
1. Community Management
2. Marketing
3. Advertising
4. Product Management
5. Digital Integration
6. Corporate Communications &
7. Online reputation Management
8. Crisis Management
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1. Community Management
Roles of a SM community manager
Representing business in online
Being the voice of community inside
the business
Mediating disputes as the need arises
Keeping fresh content & interesting

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2. Marketing
Most used
More than 10% mkt activity is bad
Listening is important
Consider competitors customers too
In community closes sales, invest in it
Automation is tricky
Tesco, Horse Meat & Tweet
"It's sleepy time so we're off to hit the hay. See you
at 8am for more #TescoTweets"

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3. Advertising
Conventional ads in various SM
Customized ads for channels
Customers as participants, co-creators
Designed for SM consumption

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4. Product Mgmt
Create SM eco system
Old spice Man
Linked with other dimensions

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5. Digital Integration
Integrating all SM channels
Web FB You Tube Google +

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6. Corporate Communications &
Beyond one-way controlled
SM as additional channel
Enhancing Reach
Augmenting search
Capturing feedback
Monitoring, measuring, responding

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7. Online Reputation Mgmt
Who responds & how?
Sentiments using keywords
Basic rules of communication apply!

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8. Crisis Mgmt
Final line of defence
(1) Be prepared with a plan > (2) Use
SM (3) Respond
1. Acknowledge the problem
2. You can buy time
3. Create channel for dialogue
4. Share about the fixing efforts
5. Request for solutions
6. Follow up
Internal & External report
Vignesh 13
Blanchard, O. (2012). Social Media ROI:
Managing and Measuring Social Media
Efforts in Your Organization. Pearson: New
Delhi. Ch. 11.

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Q & A?

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Thank you!

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Orli Old Spice & Response

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