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BMM 4733 Power Plant Technology

Consider a steam power plant that operates on a
reheat Rankine cycle as shown by Figure 1 and has a
net power output of 140 MW. Steam enters the high
pressure turbine at 15 MPa and 600C and the low-
pressure turbine at 1 MPa and 600C. Steam leaves
the condenser at a pressure of 10 kPa. The isentropic
efficiency of the turbines are 85 percent, and that of
the pump is 95 percent. Sketch the cycle on a T-s
diagram with respect to saturation lines:
1. If steam expanded isentropically in the LP-Turbine
and leave the turbine as saturated liquid, determine
the steam quality
2. If steam at LP-Turbine outlet is in superheated
condition in actual process, determine temperature
of the superheated steam.
3. The thermal efficiency of the cycle.
BMM 4733 Power Plant Technology
Stage 1: Superheated vapor
(P1=10MPa, T1=350oC).
Stage 2: Saturated liquid-vapor
mixture (P2= 5MPa).

Stage 3: Saturated liquid-vapor
mixture (P3= 1MPa).

Stage 4: Saturated liquid-vapor
mixture (P4= 0.01MPa)

Stage 5: Saturated liquid
Condition of steam at outlet of
FWHs and condenser is saturated
Since ideal, process at turbine
and pump process are isentropic.
Sketch T-s diagram.
Calculate mass fractions of
m 1 & m 2.
If the power plant capacity
BMM 4733 Power Plant Technology

A simple ideal Brayton cycle use air as working fluid. It has a pressure ratio
of 12, and temperature at compressor inlet and turbine inlet are 300K and
1000K, respectively. Determine the required mass flow rate if the cycle need
to generate 70MW of power output. Calculate for 2 cases,
(a) compressor and turbine isentropic efficiency are 100%,
(b) compressor and turbine isentropic efficiency are 85%.
Use cp=1.005kJ/kg and k= 1.4.

Air enters a compressor of a gas turbine engine at 300K and 100kPa, where it
is compressed to 700kPa and 580K. The air receives 950kJ/kg of heat before
it enters a turbine. If the turbine efficiency is 86%, determine:
(a) the fraction of the turbine work output used to drive the compressor and
(b) the thermal efficiency.
Assume the turbine work at steady operating conditions and use air-standard
BMM 4733 Power Plant Technology

Wind can be easily converted

to lighting if timing is not a

Win Mechanic Electricit Lighting

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Objective: Fabrication of 2 Reliable wind lights with casing for each group.
Marks: 1. Completeness (Workable, durable), 2. Creative & Unique Design 3. Presentation.
Cost: RM30/group upon completion.
Time Duration: Until Week 13.