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Teachers Name: Paola Rojas

Studens Name: Juan Ros

Familie Members
Grandfather Grandfather

Mother Father

I am Juan. Im twenty seven years old. Im a teacher and I like
singing, its my passion.

Im so angry but also friendly. Im an electronic engineer.

My mother is Guadalupe, she is a beautiful woman. She is 40

years old. She is a housewife. She is very sociable.

My father is Gerardo, he is very handsome. He is 41 years old. He

is a taxidriver. He is very shy.

My dads mother is Cristina. She is very angry. She is 60 years old.

She is a secretary. She is very loud.

My dads father is Jos. He is very strict. He is 70 years old. He

was an army soldier.

My moms mother is Edubiges. She is so sweet and tender. She is

65 years old.

My moms father is Juan. He is so shy but also interesting. He is 70

years old.