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By Phillip 1007
Sean 1007
Max 1007
Who are the Rohingya

The Rohingya people are a Muslim

ethnic minority group.
Where do they live

Most of them lives in the Arakan states in Myanmar, and
their ancestors were in the country for centuries
An estimated 800,000 Rohingya live in Myanmars
western Rakhine State; an additional million are scattered
across Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand,
Malaysia and elsewhere.
Maungdaw, Buthidaung, Rathedaung, Akyab and
Kyauktaw is the place in Arakan states that most of the
rohingya live in.
How do they settle in Myanmar
As of 1826, the
British took control
of Arakan after the

First Anglo-
Burmese War
originally from the
area and native

The sudden incoming of immigrants

from British India sparked a strong
reaction from the mostly-Buddhist Rakhine
people living in Arakan and that leads to
the problem between them in this day.

Why the Rohingya are hate

Rohingya are not Myanmar people or Myanmars
ethnic group, they do not deserve citizenship
In 1942 Rohingyas destroy the homes of Rakhine
Buddhists instead of fighting the Japanese. 20,000
Rakhine were killed by the Rohingyas.
Other cases

In 2012, a Rakhine woman was raped and
murdered. It was assumed that Rohingya men
were responsible for this.
Rohingyas trying to escape to Bangladesh, only to
be turned away and back into Myanmar. They are
unwanted from both sides.
What are the behavior of Rohingya in

Thai government took Rohingya to the refugee
camp the Rohingya started to request many
They requested a higher quality and quantity of
food in every meals such as hot milk, tea, coco,
soft drinks and meat in their meal too. And when
the staff did not reply what they have requested,
they denied to eat and forced their children to not
do too.

The rohingya in the refugee camps also

break many disciplines of the camp such as
they bring the food in the dormitory and
after the official warn them and prohibit
them from eating in the dormitory area, 100
of them destroy some area of the dormitory.
Should Thailand do anything about Rohingya

Since many group of Rohingya went out from Myanmar to
different territorial waters, and they are trying to ask for
their new nationalities. We agreed that they are all
extremely sympathized, also Rohingya are human like us,
which need the standard necessities. However, it is not our
responsibility to help them as we were totally not the
nation who create this world major problem

What does helping
Rohingya may cause?
Economic problem

political problem

social problem