What is
Gerrymandering is the practice of
manipulating district boundaries to give
a specific political party a numeric
How are unfair
districts created?
• If a particular party controls the
state government, they can decide
where to draw district lines.

• To reduce voting power of the
opposing party, voters are divided
across several districts making it
difficult to construct a majority.

• Voters can also be packed in a
district, reducing its capacity to
compete in the other districts.
North Carolina Gerrymandering
According to analysis by the Washington Post,
North Carolina has three of the top 10 most
gerrymandered Congressional districts in the
District 12
District 4
District 6
North Carolina Voter Suppression

House of
Results of Gerrymandering
What is being done to end
gerrymandered congressional
districts in NC?
Sen. Jeff Jackson and Republican Rep. Charles
Jeter of Huntersville have co-sponsored a bill that
calls for the creation of an independent
panel/commission to design our districts starting in

To Fol
low Li
Senator Jeff Jackson Representative Charles Jeter
• Advocacy groups supporting change are
planning a “Citizens Lobby Day to End
Gerrymandering” in the state capital on
March 1.
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