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Implementation Design

Implementation design workshop is a set of

techniques to:
1. Chart out all possible activities of a project or
a group of projects i.e. programs
2. Set out the sequence and schedule of project
3. Assessing the estimated cost of projects and
the financial allocations (budgeting) made for
their implementation
4. Fixation of responsibilities to the persons
concerned for the implementation of activities

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Implementation Design; how to do it?

1. Sequencing; arranging activities according to

their time of happening

2. Scheduling; converting the project action plan

(activities) into an operating time table

3. Tasking; fixing responsibilities for the

implementation of project activities.

i.e., who will do what?

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Project Example; Preparing Tea

Sr. Project Activities Duration

1 Boiling of water 05 minutes

2 Rinsing teapot and cups 02 minutes

3 Putting tea leaves into teapot and adding 01 minutes

boiling water
4 Letting it stay for some time 02 minutes

5 Pouring tea in the cups 02 minutes

Total Project time 12 minutes

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Gantt Chart; Preparing Tea Project

# Activities Schedule (minutes) Responsibility Inputs

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 Boiling of water Fareeha, Stove,
Sundus, Farhan water
boiling pot
2 Rinsing teapot and cups Khadeja, Maha Teapot,
3 Putting tea leaves into Umer, Fakhra Tea leaves
teapot and adding
boiling water
4 Letting it stay for some Tauqeer, Tooba Monitoring
5 Pouring tea in the cups Anum, Zohaib, serving

Non critical activity Critical activity

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