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Promoted on 1st December 1992
Vision to help create a safe and
healthy work culture in Malaysia.
Mission to become the centre of
excellence for occupational safety
and health (OSH) in Malaysia.
To contribute towards efforts in upgrading
OSH through develop curriculum and training
programmes for workers & employers.
To assist industry, commerce, problems
related to OSH.
To assist those who are responsible for OSH
with latest information in the field of OSH.
To conduct research on OSH and health issue
relevant to the country.
To disseminate information on research and
findings on OSH & health issue in the main
and other pertinent activities undertaken by
or on behalf of the Institute and to be centre
of reference
Firm commitment and fundamental
responsibility to ensure that all its
employees work in a safe and
healthy environment.
To ensure a safe and healthy working
environment for all employees, course
participants, contractors, and visitors.
To develop a culture of safety and
health and provide training for
employees to achieve this.
To ensure each manager is held
accountable for meeting safety and
health objective that are set.
Work scope for NIOSH
Evaluates workplace hazards and
recommends solutions when requested
by employers, workers, or state or
federal agencies;
Builds State worker safety and health
capacity through grants and cooperative
Funds occupational safety and health
research on a wide variety of topics at
universities and other organizations; and
Supports occupational safety and health
training programs.
Services :
Training -Course Programmes :
# Compentency and
Non Compentency
Programmes .
- Niosh Safety Passport

Examination OH Doctor, OH Nurse, Safety and

Health Officer.
Consultation Services
Elevating O & H in the
Ex : Ergonomics,
Occupational Health,
Occupational Safety

NIOSH R & D NIOSH Research and Development

Information Services
Information Services Industrial
Hygiene (IHAL )
- source for high quality
laboratory services in the
areas of industrial hygiene
and with accordance to
requirement under OSH.

Hostel and Facilities Training - Rooms

for training, seminars, and workshop.