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The 1960s

Culture Background
1960s Timeline
2/9 &
16, 9/5, 4/4,
11/8, 1964: 1965: 1968:
1960: 8/28, Beatles The Martin
Presiden 1963: I Appear Hippie Luther 8/15-17,
t Have A on Comes King Jr. 1969:
Kennedy Dream Sullivan Into Assassin Woodsto
Elected Speech Show Being a-ted -ck

10/22- 11/22, 7/2, 1/15, 7/20, 10/29,

28, 1663: 1964: 1967: 1969: 1969:
1962: Presiden Civil First First First E-
Cuban t Rights Super Moon mail
Missile Kennedy Act Bowl Landing Sent
Crisis Assassin

Vietnam Conflict
Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was a dark cloud

hanging over the 1960s. It was among
the first televised conflicts and nightly,
millions of Americans would be exposed
to graphic visuals of the war raging
overseas. Hundreds of thousands of
American men were drafted into the
war, making it even more unpopular
amongst citizens. Eventually, as the
war raged on, protests became
common and very popular, sparking the
hippie and flower child movements.
Influential People

President John F. Kennedy was a Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the
champion of the Civil Rights movement. most popular Civil Rights activists. His
He and his family were seen as I Have A Dream Speech was a
celebrities during the time period. His strongly moving piece about the need
assassination was a national tragedy for equality between the races. His
that is still widely referenced in our writings are considered to be beautiful
country today. examples of rhetoric and argument.
Drive-Ins were a large part of American culture in the 1960s. People could
drive to the movies and sit in their car to watch the films. This was
extremely popular among the teens at the time. Drive-In diners were also
popular in the 1960s. Much like a modern Sonic, people could sit in their
Drive-Ins cars and order food which would be brought out to them to enjoy in the
comfort of their own vehicles.