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-Milo Yiannopoulos
Who Is Milo?
Milo Yiannopoulos is an openly gay
British journalist, a large critic of
modern feminism, and is not afraid
to mince his words. His public
speaking events have sometimes
led to mass protests, including one
at UC Berkeley , which caused
$100,000 worth of damage to the
campus (Park and Lah,
Who Is Milo?
Yiannopoulos has had very
extreme comments, including
Feminism is cancer, Islamic
immigration, its got to stop, and
Hillary Clinton is funded by
people who murder
homosexuals. Yiannopoulos even
launched The Dangerous Faggot
Tour, constantly referring to
himself as the dangerous faggot.
Who Is Milo?
In short, Milo Yiannopoulos is a crazed
fanatic, high off his own rise to fame, and
tends to dislike anyone who does not praise
him utterly. His college public events have
been met with protests, but his stop at
Berkeley had a crazy riot. There are also a
few rumors that Milo paid people to start
that riot, hoping that it would attract
publicity. There are many rumors as to why
Milo himself is who he is, and many of them
paint him in a disturbing light.
The Yiannopoulos Effect
There have been many mixed
reactions to talks and comments by
Yiannopoulos. There are many people
who believe him to be an amazing
advocate for men, just as there are
many who see him as an idiotic liar.
Whichever he is, each of his
comments and talks bring more and
more attention to him, which is
something he loves. One such claim
was made back when Twitter banned
him, where Yiannopoulos thanked
Twitter for helping him be more
Feminism Through The Ages
Feminism is a term describing a movement promoting equality between
men and women, be it political, cultural, or economic equality. When
people think of the feminist movement, they are typically thinking of
first and third waves of feminism. The first wave was focused primarily
on obtaining the right to vote for women, occurring between the
nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The nineteenth amendment
gave that right on August 18, 1920. The later second wave focused on
other inequalities between men and women, and was between the
1960s and the late 1980s.
Feminism Through The Ages
The third wave began in the early
1990s, and continues through today. The
third wave began as a response to the
shortcomings of the second wave, some
of the most prominent issues being
equal pay, and equality before the law.
Along with the third wave of feminism
grew postfeminism, which describes
women who believe in equality, but do
not believe in the third wave feminist
goals, instead saying that the second
wave has achieved all their goals.
What Has Milo Done?
Yiannopoulos has been very active, especially
in social media. Leslie Jones, most recently
seen in the 2016 Ghostbusters movie,
received some hateful messages from
Yiannopoulos. Jones later blocked
Yiannopoulos on Twitter, but then
Yiannopoulos then shared this image, with the
caption rejected by yet another black dude.

After Jones received vast amounts of online

hate mail, both a few comments from
Yiannopoulos, her being barely literate as
one example, and other comments from While Yiannopoulos only directly wrote 3
purported Yiannopoulos followers, Milo comments to Jones, it is generally believed
Yiannopoulos was permanently banned by that he not only supported but encouraged
Twitter. many different pieces about Jones.
What Has Milo Done?
One talk by Milo Yiannopoulos, Milo on How Feminism Hurts Men And
Women, portrays many views Yiannopoulos has on feminism. Early on
he claims that when Hillary Clinton ran for president her power was
based on racism against whites and sexism against men, touting the
mythical gender gap. He later also claims that the only people harmed
by his talks are feminists, their Muslim buddies and [the] Black Lives
Matter [organization]. He later then talks about how feminists want
complete control in their relationships, and calls out many stories of
alleged rape which he claims are completely false. Yianopoulos relates
most of his talk to cancer as well, calling a cancer of society.
Critics of Milo
While Milo makes some incredible
claims, there are some people who
claim that they are completely false.
Audrey Goddard wrote her own article,
I fact checked Milo Yiannopoulos
speech and it was nonsense, with 12
different quotes by Yiannopoulos that
were false, including claims that a man
was put on trial for mocking feminists.
Much of what Yiannopoulos says is
inflammatory, and that may be on
purpose, in order to bring himself
more attention and followers.
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