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Money and Banks

Money Vocabulary
Are these nouns (n), verbs (v) or adjectives (adj)?

1. Borrow V 9. Lend V
2. Mortgage N 10. issue V
3. Cheap Adj 11. Withdrawal N
4. Interest N 12. Overdrawn Adj
5. Payment N 13. Deposit N/V

6. Invest V 14. Account N

7. Spend V 15. Debt N
8. charge N/V 16. Fraudulent Adj
- Have you ever had a
problem with a bank?
Tell me about it.
- Do you think banks do
a good job?

- Listen to the bank

manager. Do you trust
him? Why or why not?
Listen again and answer the questions

1. Which bank does he work for? The British Bank

2. How many accounts do you have? Two

3. Who do you make direct debit Gas company / electricity company /

payment to? insurance company

4. Why is he ringing? To offer you a loan

5. Why have you been chosen? Youre a good customer / have a good credit
rating / youre honest / you can make regular
payments/ youre the kind of customer they would
like to work with.

6. How much can you borrow? 1000- 20,000

7. When will you start paying interest? January next year

8. What two ways can you get in touch E-mail / call him direct at the bank
with him?
Talk about these money questions
with a partner.
1. Which bank do you 6. Do you think we pay too
use? much tax?
2. Do you have a credit 7. Would you borrow a lot of
card or a debit card? money and then never
3. When was the last time pay it back?
you wrote a cheque? 8. The best place for your
4. Do you think banks are money is in the bank. Do
fair and honest? you agree with this
5. Do you think its too
easy to borrow money?
Writing Respond to a letter
Dear Mr Smith.

I regret to inform you have exceeded Write a letter back to the

your overdraft limit. bank manager.
Your agreed limit was E300 and on
3/09/09 you made a card payment to
'Pizza Planet' of E30 taking your Dont include addresses.
account to -E320.

You will be charged E10 per day until

- Explain why you dont
think you should pay
you contact us and arrange a new
overdraft and/or pay off your existing
- Arrange a larger
You will also be charged E25 for this overdraft

Kind regards
Please write 100 words.
Bank Manager