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Social Perception -

Dr. Kiran B. Ahmad
Assistant Professor, IPP-BU, Karachi. 2015
Myers, D.G. (2014). Social Psychology, 11th
Edition. McGraw Hill. International Edition.
Pp 100 109
Video: Fundamental Attribution Error (on
Video: Bureaucratic language (on Edmodo)
Attributing causality; to the person or the
situation. The Fundamental Attribution error
(video). Misattribution

Class discussion and examples

She was late because she doesnt care

about me vs She was late because of
heavy traffic.
Mens misreading of warmth
Fritz Heider (1958)
Dispositional attribution and
Situational Attribution

Theories of Attribution
Attribution theory
Gilbert and Malone (1995). construes the
human skin as a special boundary that
separates one set of causal forces from
another. On the sunny side of the epidermis
are the external or situational forces that
press inward upon the person. And on the
meaty side are the internal or personal
forces that exert pressure outward.
Spontaneous Trait Inference (Uleman,
1989, 2008)
The librarian carries the old
womans groceries across the
Quizzed later: remembered
inferred trait.
Applications of
Attribution Theory
Refer to chapter in
book and consider