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To perceive an overall idea about

productivity of SUST

To know about management and quality


To evaluate the total picture of SUST

with the opinion of teacher and student

To identify major problems faced by

SUST in performing their activities
Improve student learning experience in
all programs

To recommend some suggestions to

increase education quality and other side of
this university

Continue to expand revenue-generating


Create modern facilities to support

education and research
Every year a good number of student
complete their graduation and more than 60%
of them enter into the job market

The standard of syllabus is very good

The procedure of publishing the result

system is too late and the students have to
wait for the certificate after the graduation

Student can learn how to work in pressure

Data collected as field research
The sufficient teacher for teaching standard
The academic environment of SUST
The remuneration of the teachers and
Teachers point of view:

Teachers are insufficient for teaching

in a standard way
The remuneration of teachers is not
The academic infrastructure is not well
Lack of IT combination of
corresponding subject except some
Students point of view:

Lack of sufficient classroom

Timely result is not given
Proper learning equipment
Insufficient facilities of library &
computer lab
Transportation problem
Payment system of credit, semester &
other fees
Research & field work facilities
Our Point of view:
Insufficient facilities of transport,
medical, library, computer lab etc

Teachers sincerity about standard

method of teaching with sufficient
learning equipment
Teachers point view:
Field work should be introduced
Project work should be emphasized
Syllabus should be revised
To improve infrastructure and IT
facilities of SUST
Need more facilities to support academic
Quality teachers and officers are
required to get better productivity of SUST
Students point of view:
The exams and result must be

Students must come to the touch of

professional experience

All the infrastructure facilities should

be developed immediately
Our point of view:
Alumni network should be created
Academic infrastructure and
recruitment should be increased
Connection the students to professional
job sector, corporate body
Organize job fair
Although it is facing many problems
but after the establishment of this
university it is improving a lot in every
sector in the last few years

We hope that within a few years SUST

will be one of the finest institutions of
this country