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Fernando Doreen F
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1. Background of Author
Doreen F Fernando Nakpil (born
July 30, 1922) a Filipino journalist,
author, historian and public servant.
She was born in san antonio, into
the PLP clan of that town, who were
painters and poets, as well as
scientists and doctors.
1.1 Early Life
Her paternal grandfather was Leon Maria
Guerrero, who was likewise born in
Ermita, Manila. He was the younger
brother of Lorenzo Guerrero, the painter
and mentor to Juan Luna. Dr. Jose P.
Bantug referred to Leon Ma. Guerrero as
the "Father of Philippine Botany", having
classified and described hundreds of
Filipino medicinal plants.
1.2.1 Reasons and influences of
writing the essay
Because she was inspired of the
philippine culture that she was
intercepted by the product of her
1.1 Early Life

She studied at De la salleCollege,

Manila and graduated with a
Bachelor of Arts degree in 1942.
1.2 Writing Life
Between 1997 and 2003, she
worked as either staff member,
editor or editorial columnist at the
Morning News, The Philippines
Jobert , the Manila
Chronicle(where she had a daily
column for 12 years)
The Manila Times, Asia magazine,
and Malaya, in addition to
contributing lectures, essays,
short stories to other publications
in the Philippines and the rest of
the world. She has published a
total of ten books : Woman
Enough, A Question of Identity,
History Today,
2. Background of Essay
She was one of voulenteers that will
help to succes of philipphine literature
And she was a part of pilipinos who
make philiphine a literate country
Full Title: Philipphine LIterature
Author: Doreen F Fernando
Type of work: Essay
Genre: Nationality ,history
Language: English
Time and Place Written:2003
Narrator: The narrator is the author
Point of view: First person
Setting(time): circa publication date
Setting(place): The author and his
husbands home
Protagonist: The author,
Major conflict: The authors
husband is a very careful and
cautious man. He is harder to
catch than a smuggler.
Rising Action: The author begins
asking him innocently
Climax: the philipphine is one of
the best literate people at 1990
Falling Action: For some time
now she have suspected that the
roommate is only a device of her
husband's to allow him the luxury
of confiding her without the
Foreshadowing: There is indeed a
kind of understanding between us
as to the real identity of
Philipphine LIterature, but as long
as it remains unspoken and
unadmitted it is a harmless
Philipphine is one of the best
cultural application in the whol.e
word the concept is all about the
History and how succesful the
philipphine literature was
Communication was the very
supportive application to to relate
this it is the warm of the hearts the
philipphine shows
The philipphine culture was the
very unique word to relate the
topic it was the root of the
philipphine culture
Why is philipphine literature important
to the essay
As she said she liked her
husbands roommate for being
unconventional and fun compared
to his husband
Study Questions
1. Why do the author much more
preferred the characteristics of the
philipphine culture than the philipphine
1. Discuss on how
miscommunication and
communicationaffect the
philipphine culture.
A Prose Report on
My Husbands Roommate
Carmen Guerrero- Nakpil
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Ms. Kenacin L. Ulanday
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