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MGT 505

Business Policy and


Preparation 1
General Instructions
The duration of your MGT 505 Business Policy and Strategy

Final Exam will be 4 hours and 10 minutes
Make sure you bring your Student ID Card or any other ID (incase
you havent received your Student ID) and place it on your table
before you start your exam
Any sort of communication among the students in the exam hall is
strictly prohibited
Mobile phones and hand held personal organisers must be switched
off and stored in a bag or coat pocket
Students are not permitted to bring with them to their desk
any written information, material or equipment which may
give them unfair advantage
Any student found to be using any written information, a
mobile phone or any other electronic device will be asked to
leave the examination room immediately and graded zero
for the exam
Students will only be allowed to carry a non-text retrievable
calculator and hard copy of an English Dictionary
Exam Pattern


B) Written Exam


The exam paper consists of 30
questions worth 40 marks.
20 questions will be from the 50
practice questions provided to you.
The remaining 10 questions will be from
the Lecture Slides

B) Written Exam

Question paper consists of two parts: A and B

Part A
Consists of seven questions, from which you have to answer
any four
Each question carries 10 marks Total = 40 Marks

Part B
Consists of a case study based on which questions are given,
It carries a total of 20 marks Total = 20 Marks

Grand total for written exam = 60 Marks

Important Topics

External, Internal factors that impact Organizational
strategy example
Corporate governance stakeholders attention.
Organizational core and distinctive competencies
Difference , Significance
Resources available to an Organization
Global strategy Benefits, Example
National Competitive Advantage Governments role

Important Topics

Network Strategy - Advantages ,Disadvantage,
Alliances Types, Example
Centralized and decentralized Organizational structure
Structure difference, example

Organization hierarchical structure Types

Differentiation analysis Importance
Role of modern technology to maintain low costs and
Questions related to Case study