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NAVDEEP KAUR(15421190)
Australia is the sixth biggest country in the world by land
area, and is part of the Oceanic and Australasian regions.
Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and other islands on
the Australian tectonic plate are together called
Australasia, which is one of the world's great ecozones.
When other Pacific islands are included with Australasia, it
is called Oceania.

2324 million people live in Australia, and about 80% of

them live on the east coast. The country is divided up into
six states, and more than half of Australia's population
lives in and around the cities of Sydney, Melbourne,
Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.
Hofstedes Culture dimentions theory is a
framework for cross-cultural communication,
developed by Geert Hofstede. It describes the
effects of a societys cultural on the values of a
society culture on the values of the member, and
how these values relate to behaviour, using a
structure demand from factor analysis.
Power Distance Index (PDI)
Individualism vs Collectivism (IDV)
Uncertainity Avoidance Index (UAI)
Masculinity vs Feminity (MAS)
Long-term orientation vs Short-term Orientation
Indulgence vs Restraint (IND)
Deal-focused vs Relationship Focused
Formal vs Informal
Time and Scheduling
Expressive vs Reserved
Power Distance
This dimension deals with the fact that all
individuals in societies are not equal. It expresses
the attitude of the cultural towards these
inequalities amongst us power distance is defined
as the extent to which the less powerful members
of instructions.
The fundamental issue addresed by
this dimension is the degree of
interdependence a scoiety maintain among
its members. It has to do with whether
people's self-image is defined in terms of
I or We.
Uncertainty Avoidance
The dimension uncertainty avoidance has to
do with the way that a society deals with the fact that
the future can never be known: should we try to
control the future or just let it happens ? This
ambiguity brings with it anxiety and different cultures
have to learn to deal with this anxiety in different
A high score on this dimention indicates that
the society will be driven by competition, achievement
and success, with success being defined by the
winner or best-Australia scores 61 on this
dimentions and is considered a masculine society.
One challenge that confronts humanity
now and in the past, is the degree to which small
children are socialized without socialization we do
not become human. This dimension is defined as
the extent to which people try to control their
desires and impulses based on the way they were
Australian National Dress
Australia has no single uniform national
costume, on Australian national dress style, based
on specific local dress styles, has emerged in
response to climate, lifestyle and identity.
Particular Defining Elements
An. Australian style can be clearly in the
main types of local dress: bush wear and swim
wear, along with Australian and indigenous designs.

The Australian native Food industry limited
is the feat national body which represents all
interests in the rapidly growing Australian food
industry learn more about bush tucker and put
Australian foods on the menu
visa Bureau is not affiliated with the
Australian government but is an independent UK
company. Australian Visas are available from the
Australian Government at a lower cast or for free
when you apply directly. Our comprehensive visa
and immigration services include immigration
advice from registered migration agents.
Australias Religion
Religion in Australia is diverse section 116
of the constitution of the Australia of 1901 prohibits
the commonwealth government from establishing a
church or interfering with the freedom of religon,
the Australian population is predominantly children .