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Do you want to hear the World¶s most Beautiful Sound of Music in ³Live´ All-Natural 3-D Surround Stereo Reproduction with Accuracy and Musicality?
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This is the real BREAKTHROUGH in the quest of perfecting the circuit
design and amplification of a pure power transistor stereo amplifier without any pre-amp or tone control. The VOCA CDX 101 Super Amp can drive all kinds of stereo speaker system perfectly to their fullest frequency range capacity. Thousands of people who have heard our ³Live-sound´ amplifier have said that they experienced a « ³clearly perceptible enjoyment with full emotional satisfaction´, without mentioning any negative comments. In fact, some of them admitted that they have not heard anything like it before, even from the most expensive Hi-end audio systems that they have auditioned. During our long period of R & D, we have discovered that all major problems of sound reproduction of the present audio systems were caused by the amplifier itself due to imperfect circuit design and the wrong theory of the researchers in designing the stereo amplifier. Most audio experts are giving attention to the source components, recording equipment, speakers, digital technology and acoustics in their desire to eliminate distortions, signal cancellation and noise in sound reproduction. Our approach was entirely different from what everyone else was doing. We simply focused on the movements of electrons and the need to make them constant.

We called our circuit formula ³Synchronized Electron Technology´ because we learned that the uneven movements of electrons traveling from input to output was the one, real cause of all the distortions and cancellation of signals in sound amplification. From there, we developed a formula to control current in relation to a given voltage, ensuring that the electrons would move constantly from input to output. This was radically very different from the commonly known theories and conflicting opinions about sound reproduction as believed by many audio engineers, designers, so-called ³experts´, reviewers, audiophiles and audio critics. This means that up to this time, there is no one exact reference or one theory on how a recorded music should exactly be heard. We of course took advantage of this confusing situation and introduced the VOCA CDX 101 SuperAmp, thus making available to anyone the opportunity to listen to music as pure as it was originally recorded, without the need to buy expensive, additional components to ³enhance´ the sound. Because of its fundamental breakthrough, the VOCA CDX 101 SuperAmp can be used in any environment, such as home, professional, corporate and institutional audio applications.. It won First Prize during the DOST National Inventors Week Contest in the year 2000 and again in 2003. Voca was also awarded a Gold Medal by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) as ³The Most Outstanding Invention of the Year´ also in 2003.

Research and Development efforts through long, painstaking years finally produced the revolutionary amplifier, VOCA CDX 101. For the purpose of simplifying the description of the technological processes involved, we have provided the following easy to understand short essay: Basically, our R&D efforts focused on specific electron behavior and movements during the amplification process. We have labeled our approach as ³Synchronized Electron Technology´, which appropriately describes the needed alignment of the movements of electrons of the signal from input to output. These movements should be constant in their velocity or else the original shape of the signals will be affected, creating the unwanted distortions and other problems in sound reproduction. To illustrate, in video rewinding, in order to get back and see a specific picture, you must have to stop where the original shape of electrons will show the picture. But in sound amplification, the shape of the original electrons entering the input stage should exactly be the same shape of electrons in the output stage in order to hear exactly the sound or music as pure as it was originally recorded. As of today, most if not all audio systems try to alter the originally recorded Music or Movies using conditioning circuits such as pre-amps, graphic equalizers, tone controls, mixers, dolby decoders, processors and the filtering devices placed inside amplifiers.

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