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Enterprise Human Resource
Information System

Enterprise Human Resource Information
EHRIS automates core HR
management functions and
routine services and serve as
the source of truth for human
resource information and
Enterprise Human Resource Information
Personal Data Sheet (PDS)
Daily Time Record (DTR)
Leave Management
Enterprise Human Resource Information
Personal Data Sheet (PDS)
Daily Time Record (DTR)
Leave Management
Enterprise Human Resource Information
Who needs to create an account in EHRIS?

In preparation for the national

implementation of the system, all
DepEd-paid personnel must have an
account in EHRIS, including central
office, regional office proper,
schools division office proper, and
schools; teaching and non-teaching
staff; permanent, regular, co-
terminus with the incumbent, co-
terminus with the appointee,
casual, contractual, contract of
Why is there a need to submit School
Submitted School UACF shall be
uploaded in the system by
batch for faster creation of user
Where can I get the School UACF
There are so many files, which one should I
Download and read first the
General Instructions for EHRIS
(School Personnel).docx. Inside
this document are the
guidelines on how to identify
which School UACF template
should be used depending on
the school personnels
What are the types of School UACFs and
which type should I use?
UACF-UAN for teachers hired in SY
2015-2016, 2016-2017 and has Unique
Application Number (UAN).
UACF-AUTONOMOUS for all school
personnel whose salaries are prepared
in and paid by the school.
UACF-PERM for all permanent school
personnel that did not qualify in the
first two forms.
UACF-JO for all non-permanent school
personnel; or permanent school
personnel but appointment is not yet
Who shall prepare the School UACF?

Division: HRMO to disseminate

School UACFs to every schools and
consolidate schools submission,
subsequently. ITO to provide
technical assistance when
necessary, example: email creation.

School: Each school ICT Coordinator

needs to accomplish UACF and
submit to Division HRMO for
Who shall submit the School UACF?

Division HRMO can vouch for the

veracity of the submitted School
UACFs and is accountable for all
personnel data released by the
SDO, hence, Division HRMO shall be
the one to submit the consolidated
School UACFs. Division ITOs,
however, can also submit the UACF
on behalf and with permission of
the Division HRMO. ICTS will
consider for batch upload only
After receiving notice that user accounts
were created for our division, what are the
next steps?
EHRIS do not automatically send log in
credentials to registered email address
for user accounts created thru batch
upload facility. Individual users must do
the following steps before they can log
in to EHRIS:
Go to this URL:
Activate individual accounts,
respectively. Username and temporary
passwords are sent to the EHRIS
registered email address.
Try logging in using the
I successfully log in to EHRIS, what to do
Individual users are expected to do the
Explore EHRIS, then
Go to Self Service/My Details
Complete your Personal Data Sheet
from Personal Tab to References
I find incorrect information on the Official
Tab, how can I correct the data?
Inform ICTS-User Support Division thru
any of the following means:
Post concern to DepEd HRMOs
Philippines or DepEd EHRIS Helpdesk
My DepEd Email is not approved/verified;
can I use non-DepEd email for EHRIS user
account creation?
Yes. Please temporarily use Gmail for
permanent school personnel without
DepEd email; however, once the DepEd
email has been approved, non-DepEd
emails but be changed to DepEd emails.
Job Orders are not required to use
DepEd email.
What is UAN?

UAN is Unique Application Number

given to all personnel who applied
online using the DepED Online
Application System (DepEd-OAS).
Example of UAN:
For Teaching: T15007962
For Non-Teaching: N150045
Can we upload UACFs by school?

No. Please upload a consolidated UACF

file per division. UACFs submitted per
school will not be considered.
What is Autonomous School?

Autonomous Schools, also known as

Implementing Units, are schools whose
salaries are prepared in and paid by the
school, and not processed by RPSU.
For SHS and ALS teacher, which UACF
should be used?
If the SHS or ALS teacher has UAN,
please use UACF-UAN. If teacher is from
autonomous school, please use UACF-
Autonomous. If teacher did not qualify
in the first 2 forms, use UACF-PERM. If
not permanent, use UACF-JO.

Identify the correct UACF by checking

the school personnel in this order:
Teacher is both hired in SY 2015-2016 with UAN and is
permanent, should the teacher be included in both UACF-
No. Follow the identification of school
personnel in this order: UACF-UAN ->
UACF-JO. If teacher is already included
in UACFUAN, do not include him in
UACF-PERM. School personnel should
only appear in one list.
Where should the teacher be included if he/she is detailed
in one school but the plantilla position is in another
Teacher should be included in his/her
detailed school.
What is Date of Joining?

Date of joining is the first day of service

in the current position.
Thank you!