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Family Institution

Yvonne Morales
Sociology 001
Professor Lookholder
What is family?
A group of two or more people that consist and are related by birth,
marriage, or adoption

It take on social and political views

It was structure in the 1700s

History of family
Family emerged in the 1970s

It started as been the creation of myth

It has been evolving since the nation's founding

It start off being known as a traditional family and evolve to a

modern family.
Society participation in the family institution is a financial process
and responsibility.

The children also grow and get married to create their own family.

Members also play of as a symbolic interaction between families.

How did it change over time?
It change over time because society decided to create a modern

Family outside of marriage is a big reason of a modern family.

Social class families have change in a traditional family because of

economic status.

Families help each other now in days to raise their families.

Causes of a modern family
Social class

Outside a marriage

Single parents

Same sex- parents

Young age parents

Stood the same
What stood stable is families was t.v shows and media always
convincing how to sit together as a family because it would let
families have their time together.
How would should it be improve
I would improve this institution by helping families go to family
counseling for marriage couples that are planning to create a family
because is one of the reasons there are single parents
Major Participants

Works and brings the food to the family


Stay home to take care of the kids


Growmup in the family and follow up to create their own family

Does it works for everyone?
It works for everyone in society because society is changing and
society are creating new modern families than traditional families

More women are working in society than men

Parenting has changed in many different type of ways.

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