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Evaluation Question 4

Who is M4U aimed at?

M4U is aimed at a wide audience, particularly based on
age. This is because it is not genre specific and each issue
will have artists from now and from a few decades ago.
This is to increase interest in the magazine to multiple age
ranges for example, teenagers may be interested in the
modern artists while their parents may be interested in the
artists from a few decades ago. Therefore, the M4U
magazine is aimed at ages 16-50. This age range includes
Year 11 and sixth form students as well as young adults
and their parents, who will be working. In addition, as it is
aimed at young people and their parents, they would only
need to buy one magazine to suit the needs of both the
parents and the young people meaning they only buy
What are the audiences
They will value time with their family and
friends. They will also be busy working at
school, college, university or in a job
meaning that they need time to sit down and
read the magazine. They will also be
interested in social media, such as Facebook,
and sharing what they are doing with their
friends which could help promote M4U if
they say that they like the magazine. They
will spend money on music, clothes, films,
food and technology.
Technology choices
Most people age 16-50 have
smartphones, or are looking at
buying a smartphone. As a result of
this, they will be able to listen to
music on the go. In addition, it opens
up the possibility of having a mobile
website and/or app which would
allow them to read M4U when they
are on the go and do not have access
to the printed magazine.
Where are the audience on the
JICNAR scale?
Group B
Group C1
Group C2
Group D
Group E