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innovation for

D. healthier and more sustainable future for all of us . Breen -Vijay Govindarajan Chairman & CEO. Dupont Inc. we are directing our science and innovation towards products � We must think of innovation as doing a lot more for a lot less (money) for a lot more (people) that can help build a safer. Professor Tuck school of business & Harvard First chief consultant .Edward. “ Now more than ever.GE .

What is innovation? ▸ A new idea ▸ A new product ▸ A new method or approach “Innovation can be defined as the process of implementing new ideas to create value for an organization and its stakeholders” .

Types of innovation .

▹Financial ▸ integrated into company systems from idea generation through to research and development (R&D) and commercialization.Sustainable Innovation ▸ Sustainable innovation is a process where sustainability considerations ▹Environmental. ▹Social. .

Why sustainability? ▸ Scarce resources ▸ Friendlier environment ▸ Large customer base ▸ Distinguish from competition . . Sustainable innovation framework Source: http://www.

Sustainable innovation vs competitive advantage Customer Inclusive loyalty Sustainable Competitive innovation advantage Sustainab Higher Not System le well profits imitable approach being .

Case studies ▸ IKEA ▸ Godrej chotukool ▸ SELCO .

L.“ “Innovative approaches will be accepted by � Forpeople those whoifbelieve theythat believe that ecological you disaster willcare about somehow be averted. C K Prahalad . over the next decade or so. sustainable them and development you genuinely will constitute wantopportunities one of the biggest them to in succeed the history of commerce.Stuart. And innovation will be the name of the -game. Hart Professor Cornell school of business Founder of enterprise for a sustainable world . it must also be clear that.

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