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Presentation on GM Area Courses

for PGP -2 for the year 2017-18

Kind acknowledgement: Renin Sin

Area Philosophy and
Objectives ...
To walk the talk keeping profit, people and planet in
mind in an order-contextually.

And must believe that :

ROI matters. ROI alone does not matter. Other things
(if could be defined and understood!!!) do matter.

Thus to prepare (objective):

A well-grounded leader having the understanding of
strategic marketing and communications from a
managerial yet leadership perspective MICAN
Management Area: Core
Shubhra Gaur

U T Rao

Rasananda Panda

Anjali Bansal

Niyati Bhanja

Sunita Mall

Management Maulik Bhatt
Area: Core Team
(Research Associates)
Moxda Jhala
Rasananda Panda

Pooja Bhatia

Pooja Bhatia

Satyaki Dutta

Renin Singh

Credi Faculty
Course Name t name Learning Objectives
Term - 4
The course concentrates on
entrepreneurship in Indian start up eco
system and opportunities for start ups in
Starting the Start UTR/ the global environment. Also,
up Siddharth understanding start up models and
2 Deshmukh resources by interaction with successful
(UTR) founders.
Making the participants understand and
appreciate the nuances of supply chain
Supply Chain Venkatrama and its applications to relevant industries
Management 2 n (RNP) and especially the ecommerce and
distribution companies in particular.
Mergers, Anjali Provides a detailed understanding of the
acquisitions and Bansal due diligence related issues surrounding
Corporate (Anjali M&A activity, within a strategic context,
Restructuring 1 Bansal) financial issues as well as employees
(MACR) related issues.
The Business Forecasting course is
designed to impart various forecasting
Credi Faculty
Course Name t name Learning Objectives
Term 5
The course will also offer an overview over the
Industry Analysis main concepts, tools, techniques, and methods,
Placement 1.5 Venkatraman allowing the participants to analyze industries
Workshop (RNP) or sectors, as well as to assess their evolution,
their performance, and their dynamics.
General Electives:
Leadership, Vision This workshop will expose the participants to
and Managing TBD (RNP) various approaches towards Leadership both
Reality (Workshop) 1 from Professional and Personal angle.
Niyati The course explores the interrelation of
International Bhanja/ RNP/ government and business across boarders and
Business 1.5 VF (RNP) the economic dynamics between
The course concentrates on negotiation and
Managing conflict management and presents negotiation
Negotiations 1 VF/(RNP) theory strategies and styles within an
employment context.
Students would learn how to use the concepts
they have learned in Accounting, Financial
Management, and Macroeconomics courses in
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management. For
the purpose of investment management,
Investment and financial assets can be grouped into major asset
Credi Faculty
Course Name t name Learning Objectives
Term - 6
Gain insights into the art and science of
monitoring and controlling the operations
Management and performance of the organization and
Control System UTR/ VF leading it towards organizational
(MCS) 1.5 (UTR) objectives.
To provide a simple overview of important
Workshop on laws that have a bearing on the conduct
Legal Aspect of of business in India in general and specific
Business 1 TBD (RNP) to industry in particular.
This course helps the students understand
the various Taxation policies. It gives them
Taxation: Personal the insights about how to calculate their
and Corporate 0 taxable income and take care of their
(Non Credit) UTR (UTR) other taxes.
To understand the psycho-social aspect of
human behaviour and human as an
economic agent. This will also give
Comprehensive overview made
Stakeholders consulted
MICA Alumni (Recent as well as past)
Prof. Siddharth Deshmukh (for
placement etc. )
In house discussions among other area
faculty and the needs of the specific
Wish you best for exams
Have a nice summer internship
Spend quality time with relatives and