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Presented By Subasree (III CSE) Hema(III CSE) INTRODUCTION What is neural network Why use neural network Network layer Architectural of neural network Application In medicine In bussines In marketing conclusion .

e..such as the brain.process information. The key element of this paradigm is the novel structure of the information processing system. inspired by the way biological nervous systems. WHAT IS NEURAL NETWORKS? An artificial neural network is an information processing paradigm i. .


ARCHITECTURE OF NEURAL NETWORKS Feed-forward network. Feed back network .

The term neural network was traditionally used to refer to a network or circuit of biologicalneurons . NETWORK LAYER The activity of the input units represents the raw information i.e. fed into the network.

. Credit assignment. APPLICATIONS As powerful problem solvers. Engine management. As bilogical models.

Data validation.NEURAL NETWORK IN PRACTICE Neural networks are best at identifying patterns. Recovery of telecommunications from faulty software. Customer research. Artificial neural networks are also used in the paradigms. . Risk management.

NEURAL NETWORKS IN MEDICINE Artificial neural networks are currently a hot research area in medicine. The research is mostly on modeling parts of the human body and recognzing diseases from various scans. .

.MODELLING AND DIAGNOSING THE CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM Neural networks are used experimentally to model the human cardiovascular system. ANN’s are capable of detecting complex medical conditions. The use of artificial neural networks technology is the ability of the artificial neural networks to provide sensor fusion which is the combining of the values from several different sensors.

Neural networks using for business purposes including resource allocation and scheduling.NEURAL NETWORKS IN BUSINESS Business is a diverted field with accounting or financial analysis. .

. A feed forward neural network is integrated with the AMT and was trained using back propagation for airline seat allocations. The adaptive neural approach was amenable to rule expression.NEURAL NETWORKS IN MARKETING The airline marketing tactician is a computer system made of various intelligent technologies.

ELECTRONIC NOSES ANN’s are used experimentally to implement electronic noses. . Electronic nose would identify odors in the remote surgical enviroment. Electronic noses have several potential applications in telemedicine.

The Credit Scoring System which increases the profitability of the existing model up to 27 %. has developed several neural network applications. . A neural network automated mortgage insurance under writing system was developed by the Nestor company. founded by Robert Hecht- Nielsen. CREDIT EVOLUTION The HNC company.

Neural networks also contribute to other areas of research such as neurology and psychology. ANN’s are also very well suited for real time systems because of their fast response. . CONCLUSION In this there is no need to devise an algorithm in order to perform a specific tasks.