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David McKee

Kaitlyn Ramsey
About David
David McKee was born January 2 nd, 1935. He was born
and raised in Tavistock, South Devon, England. He
received a degree from the Plymouth College of Art
before entering the British Army. In 1959 He received a
second degree from the Hornsey College of Art and
became a freelance painter and illustrator. The British
Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) used some of McKee’s
books on TV. This lead to McKee’s first films, a series
about Mr. Benn (Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. Benn).
Five films for the Save the Children fund followed, then
a series of films based on the King Rollo books. The
King Rollo Films company was made shortly after. He is
involved as a writer mostly with the company. He
married Virginia McKee and had a son, Chuck. He has a
series of books staring Elmer, a series of King Rollo
books, and a series of books staring Mr. Benn.
Fun Facts
He was an instructor in the Royal Army Educational
Corps and earned the rank of sergeant.
He made cartoons for newspapers and for a magazine,
Wrote his first book while in college, Two Can Toucan
He illustrates for his own books and a number of other
writers including Michael Bond’s Paddington Bear
He has homes in London and the South of France
His partner Bakhata, a French-Algerian art-dealer,
lives with him
He collects drawings and African tribal art
Some of the characters in the Elmer series are drawn
from his own family.
He won the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis in 1987.
UK nominee for the biennial, international Hans
Christian Andersen Award in 2006.
A lot of his book have been transalted to other
Two Monsters 1985

Two monsters live on either side of a
mountain. Sometimes they talk through
the hole in the mountain, but they never
see each other. One evening, they get into
a silly argument about whether day is
departing or night is arriving, which
escalates into a rock throwing fight, which
eventually destroys the mountain, and
enables the monsters to see each other's
point of view and live together as friends.
The Conquerors 2004
The ruling general of a dominant country
conquered all his neighbors in order to rule as
much as possible. This plan worked, until
there was only one small jovial country left.
When the soldiers went there to subjugate it,
they were persuaded out of their uniforms,
into the taverns, and onto the dance floors.
However many times soldiers were sent home
and replaced by new recruits, each one was
suborned; and the returning military took
back with them the traditions and music of
the conquered nation. Just who has conquered
The Hill and the Rock 1984
Mr. and Mrs. Quest lived in a little house
on the very top of a hill. People from all
around came to visit and the view would
have been perfect but for the rock that
blocked it. Fed up with no view, Mr. Quest
decided to move the rock. He never
expected what happened next!
*Elmer and Rose

Grandpa Eldo asks Elmer and his cousin
Wilbur to help a young elephant find her
way back to her herd. They get a shock
when they see she is pink - no wonder she's
called Rose. As they help Rose find her
herd, Elmer and Wilbur learn a valuable
lesson about being different and fitting in.
*featured book
Fun App:
Instructional Uses:
“ I believe the air is just full of stories, full of music, full of
images. If we had a television set in this room, we would
have many programs passing us. We just need the right
receiver. You just have to be tuned in to pick them up.

-David McKee

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