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Albin Salam
Fauzan Chandra Luthfi
Triyanto Dwi Saputro

What is a smart home ?  Smart Home technology intelligently gives you ultimate control over your home by automating the lighting system. electrical appliances. dimming. .  Smart homes connect all the devices and appliances in your home so they can communicate with each other and with you. audio and security systems. blinds.

that issues a command .How does it work ?  Anything in your home that uses electricity can be put on the home network and at your command.  Smart homes work with fairly simple systems: receivers and transmitters  Receivers detect a certain signal from the transmitter. Whether you give that command by voice. remote control or computer. the home reacts.

Features of Untung Smart Home? .

 lifestyle personalisation and  User friendly .  Comfort or Ease of control  Entertainment  Security  convenience at all times.Why untung smart Home Smart Home is applicable in various aspect of our home and environment to suite our different preferences.

Use Bluetooth to Control Your Light Switch from Your Smartphone .

The main component used  Bluetooth module  Relay  Arduino .

Module wiring .


Conclusion In conclusion. Smart Home technology makes it possible for the house to take care of you. .