Awareness Level of Energy Drinks Side Effects

Long Term Effects
‡ There are many long term effects of drinking energy drinks. Addiction is one of them. Being addicted to anything is very dangerous. When you try to quit drinking these drinks you will experience withdrawal symptoms if you are addicted. Energy Drinks must be taken properly because if not it can affect your body. Energy drinks could also lead to cavities, kidney failures, heart problems, skin problems, and other organ problems.

Long Term Effects
‡ Your heartbeat and blood pressure can also be effected by the ingredients in energy drinks. The sugar will make them skyrocket. Never use energy drinks during a physical activity. The caffeine in your energy drink will leave a dehydrated feeling. Don t ever combine energy drinks with alcohol because an energy drink is a stimulant and alcohol is a depressant. The effect of combining the two could lead your body into malfunction.

Short Term Effects
‡ Drinking energy drinks also gives you some short term effects these effects could include moodiness, anxiety, palpitations, irritability, trouble sleeping, and indigestion even with small amounts.

Psychological Effects
‡ If you were to drink energy drinks the psychological effects that you might experience would include; decreased memory, increased alertness, and a head rush.

Brand names
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ RedBull Sting (PepsiCo) Booster Speed (Sheezan) Bomba

‡ Problem
± The purpose is to analyze the awareness level of consumers at Iqra University regarding energy drinks side effects.

‡ Purpose
± To assess how aware consumers are about energy drinks, frequency of consumption, and the level of awareness regarding the ingredients of energy drinks and their side-effects.

‡ H0: Consumers do NOT have a high level of awareness regarding side effects of energy drinks. ‡ H1: Consumers have a high level of awareness regarding side effects of energy drinks. ‡ H0: Consumers do NOT assign a high level of importance to the side effects of energy drinks. ‡ H1: Consumers assign a high level of importance to the side effects of energy drinks.

‡ The data will be collected through primary sources by surveying Iqra University Main/EDC campus & secondary data from the internet. ‡ SAMPLING UNIT: The sample unit consists of professionals & students at Iqra University, with a consistent level of energy drink consumption. ‡ SAMPLE SIZE: A sample of 150 Consumer in Iqra University will be drawn.

Results - 1

Result - 2

Result - 3

Result - 4

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Result 7

Result - 8

Result 9

Result - 9

‡ Energy drinks should be vigorously opposed before the products become even more popular ‡ Health ministry should take actions in order to make Consumer aware about the health hazards of the energy drinks focusing particularly on the impact on underage drinking ‡ Government should make a check upon the misleading advertising campaigns and should take legal actions against them. ‡ Campaigns should be encouraged in order to create awareness about natural energy providers

‡ Consumers are not aware ‡ Consumption is indifferent among gender, age, and status ‡ Energy providing ability of a brand determines how much the consumer is satisfied ‡ Consumer thinks it will cause abnormalities to health but still says consumption is beneficial

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