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Created for First Grade

Ashley Folden
EDUC 330
FALL 2016
Beliefs About Classroom
School is our home away from
home! It is where I and the students
will spend the majority of our time.
Physical Environment, how the room
is managed, how procedures are
executed, and how students feel and
react to our classroom.
Room arranged for easy access, and
comfortable for students needs.
Run smoothly and effectively.
Feel loved and safe.
Philosophy of Education
Support From
ASCD, The Key to Classroom Management:
Appropriate levels of dominance
Establish Clear Expectations and Consequences
Establish Clear Learning Goals
Exhibit Assertive Behavior
Appropriate Levels of Cooperation
Provide Flexible Learning Goals
Take Personal Interest in students
Use Equitable and Positive Classroom Behaviors
Awareness of High-Needs Students
Dont Leave Relationships to Chance
Support From Theories/Research
Edutopia, The George Lucas
Educational Foundation. The article
from Tyler Hester. 7 Tips for Better
Classroom Management.
1. Love Your Students
2. Assume the Best in Your Students
3. Praise What and When You can
4. Do Sweat the Small Stuff
5. Identify Yourself
6. Forge a Class Identity
7. Have a Pan
Letter of Introduction to
Letter of Introduction to
Arrival/Dismissal Procedures
Coat closet to hang belongings.
Put Folder in the basket beside teachers desk.
Either leave name card clipped to the board or put it in
the lunchbox to show your either hot or packed.
Start daily bell ringer.
Create a neat pile with homework belongings.
Get folder, put papers to go home in, and get monthly
calendar ready.
I will highlight the daily calendar space with the color of
their behavior chart, and will put note in folder if need be.
Get treasure from treasure box if earned.
Pack up your belongings and be ready for you designated
dismissal procedure and place.
Tardy/Absence Procedure
Put tardy slip in basket beside classroom door.
Put your things away quietly, put folder in basket, and move
name card if needed.
Sit down quietly at desk join in the bell ringer activity.
Student will receive a ketchup folder.
On folder will be the days the student has to complete the work, and a note
inside for the guardian to sign and give excuse for the absence.
The student will receive one night to do their homework per
day missed.
Ketchup folder will be put with the students take home
folder and put in the basket after the work is completed in
the days allotted.
Homework Procedure
Homework will be written on the board.
Weekly homework sheet.
Homework written per night. The guardian will
sign under each night.
Sheet will be on the Please Return Side.
Old sheets will be taken out on Monday and a
new one will replace it.
Sheets will act as a guide for me to tell
students what resources they need to pack up
Homework will be taken out during daily
folder check.
Procedures for Getting Students Attention/
Getting Teachers Attention
Getting Students Attention
Macaroni and Cheese Everybody
Ready to Rock Ready to Role
Getting Teachers Attention
Hand signals
Index Finger- Bathroom
Peace Sign- Water Fountain
Whole Hand- Question
Two Hands- Emergency (Student will also
immediately tell the teacher if it is a serious
Lining Up/Hallway/Restroom
Lining Up
Leader first
Pod that has everything neat and is being respectful, then the
rest of the pods one by one.
HALL acronym.

Classroom restroom breaks.
After breakfast, after computer time, after recess.
Students will stand by the door and wait for the rest of the class.
Then the whole class will enter when everyone returns.
Bullying Procedures for Students
as Victims and Bystanders
Research found from
THINK strategy and lesson.
Listen and focus on the student.
Assure them it is not their fault.
Refer them to a school counselor if needed.
Give advice if appropriate.
Get parents and school administration involved so it does not keep
Tell the student to be the victims friend.
Be a lending ear.
Tell a trustworthy adult.
Do not give the bully an audience.
Classroom Rules/Discipline
Classroom Rules
1.Listen when others are speaking.
2. Follow directions
3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
4. Work quietly when asked, and do not disturb others.
5. Show respect for the school, the classroom, and yourself.
Behavior Chart
Three different levels: green, yellow, and pink.
Green- Student is going consistent and following rules and
Yellow- The student is being a Star Student going above and
beyond helping classmates and helping the teacher.
Pink- Student is receiving a note home. This clipped is moved
after two verbal warnings.
Student is held accountable for moving their clip, and
getting notes signed.
Calendar System to match behavior chart.
Classroom Rules/Discipline
Treasure out of the treasure box at the end of the
week if the student has been on green or yellow all
If the student has been on green or yellow all month
the student will get a choice of a coupon.
Two verbal warnings before color change.
Short note home explaining clip moved, and must be
signed by a guardian.
If on pink more than once a week, the student at the
end of the week will sit out five minutes of recess.
If bad behavior has occurred throughout the month
the I will make a phone call home to the guardian.
Map of Classroom Set-Up
Sample Day 1 Bellwork
Detailed List Of Specific Items to be Accomplished
Before First Day of School
Bulletin Boards
Arranging Pods and name tags
Classroom library books arranged and ready for students
Take home folders made
Create table with basket and lunchbox beside my desk
Name cards and clips for lunch procedure
Make and hang behavior chart with numbered clips for students
Have fish tank ready to go
Coat Closet hooks labeled
Stations set up and working. Make sure all supplies are clean and usable
Hang up important posters
Have my desk organized arranged and ready to go
Create ketchup folders
Make copies for weekly homework template
Have treasure box filled with goodies
Make copies of first months calendar
Have electric pencil sharpener and pencil baskets ready
Have students names written in textbooks and workbooks
Have copies of introduction letters to students and parents
Detailed List on How the
Teacher will Greet Students
I will great the students every morning with a big
smile and will ask them how their evenings or
weekend were. I will then direct them to put their
belongings away in the coat closet where their
name is labeled, and then sit at the seat with their
labeled name tag and begin the bell ringer that is
on the board. Then before the class begins the
instruction I will ask the students if they have any
questions on their homework, I will tell them the
upcoming events, and I will also allow them time
to talk about their weekends and their favorite
part about school is so far.
Description of How
Procedures Will be Taught
Description of How Rules are Selected/Presented to
the Students and How the are Enforced

Rules are preselected by me, but there

will also be activity where the students
will discuss important rules for them.
The class will then compare the two
and both will be hung on the wall.
Students will put their finger prints
and write their first name.
Rules will be enforced by classroom
behavior chart.
Agenda of Events for the First Day
7:30-7:35 - The students will be greeted with a smile and instructed to put their things away in the coat closet and head
to their labeled assigned seats.
7:35-7:45 - Classroom introductions. The students and I will go around introducing each other.
7:45-7:50 I will go over and the students will be instructed to complete the First Day Bell Ringer.
7:50-8:05 The class will do the activities with and go over the First Day Bell Ringer.
8:05-8:15 The students will eat breakfast in the classroom while I read aloud books to the students.
8:15-8:20 The class will take a classroom bathroom break.
8:20-9:00 The class will go over the classroom rules, thumbprint and sign our names, go over the behavior chart and
the students will get their clip numbers.
9:00-9:20 The class will go over how the teacher will get their attention, how the students will get the teachers
attention, the hallway procedures, and the restroom procedures.
9:20-10:00 The class will go to the computer lab and I will give the students their log on cards and teach them how to
log on and off. The class will also go to an activity site and the students would participate on the computers.
10:00-10:45 The class will do an All About Me activity so that I will get to know the students favorites, interests,
hobbies, and families as well as other information they want me to know. The class will also share with their other
classmates in small groups and as a whole group.
10:45-11:00- The teacher will discuss with the students the job charts. Such as how there is a weatherperson for the
day, a leader, a door holder, a breakfast helper, and an errand runner.
11:00-11:30 The students will be resourced to go to music.
11:30-12:00 The students and I will have our lunch time.
12:00-12:30 The class will go outside for recess
12:30-12:35 The class will take a classroom bathroom break
12:35-12:45- I will give the students their textbooks that will have their name on the inside.
12:45-1:30- The students will be resourced out to guidance.
1:30-2:00 The class will talk about Bullying Procedures and what to do if they are being bullied and if they see someone
being bullied, and how we should fill others buckets mini lesson.
2:00-2:20 - I will go over with the students what they will be expected to do when they come to school the next morning.
I will explain the daily folders, and how inside the folders there are letters to the parents and to them, permission slips,
emergency cards, and how they are on the please return side so I will get them back from their parents. I will also tell the
students the morning routine of how they hang up their things, put their folder in the basket, put their lunch cards either
in the lunch box or left hanging up, then to their seats to start their bell ringer for the day.
2:20-2:25- The students will pack their belongings and will wait to be dismissed and line up by me so that everyone can
get to the right place to go home.
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