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Integrated Internet Traffic Management

Products and Services

F5 Networks is a leading
F5 has an integrated suite of high-
provider of products that performance products that
deliver web site integrity for automatically and intelligently

Traffic and Content manage user traffic and content to

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Management for e-Business.

Server Network Content Management .

Network Control High availability and intelligent load balancing controller for distributed networks .

User Internet Servers Internet Servers The 3DNS controller Intelligently distributes traffic to multiple Internet sites based on site availability and network “health” Router Router SEATTLE NEW YORK TOKYO LONDON Router Router Internet Servers Internet Servers .

.3DNS Controller • The 3DNS controller is a wide area high availability and intelligent load balancing product that insures the greatest level of availability by automatically distributing user requests across geographically distributed web sites.

Risks Without Web Site Integrity • Losing business in record time – Zona Research found that 8 seconds is the maximum wait users will accept to receive a page before clicking to a competitor – If at any time users receive an error message will they will immediately click to the competition • Losing a sale is only part of the problem – Lost brand reputation – Lost customer confidence – Lost market capitalization • What causes your customers to go to the competition? – Site failure – Software failure – Content failure – Network Traffic overload .

3DNS • Control over your wide-area Internet Traffic • Delivers high availability • Network infrastructure integrity ensures customer satisfaction • Scalable solution for multiple distributes sites • Simplified management for global resources • Secure to safeguard you and your customers .

3DNS High Availability and Reliability • Network infrastructure integrity – Check the status of any load balancing product and any other IP based server that may be installed at your site including FTP. E- mail. LDAP and others. • Reliability – Provides fault-tolerance by eliminating single points of failure • Disaster Recovery – Set policy that allows back-up sites to be used in the event of a disaster .

and so on – according to percentages pre- defined by the administrator.3DNS Intelligent Load Balancing • Intelligent Load Balancing – The 3DNS Controller can be configured to make traffic distribution decisions to meet the dynamic needs of your customers. . – Production Rules Dynamically changes your 3DNS Controller configuration based on time of day or network health Dynamically change the load balancing method to best match the needs of your e-business users – Dynamic Ratio (patent pending) Dynamic Ratio sends a portion of traffic to the best performing site. second best performing site.

3DNS Intelligent Load Balancing • Intelligent Load Balancing – QoS Load Balancing Quality of Service load balancing is the ability to select apply different load balancing methods for different users or request types – Modes of Load Balancing Round Robin Ratio Least Connections Random User-defined Quality-of-Service Round Trip Time Completion Rate (Packet Loss) BIG/ip Packet Rate Global Availability HOPS Topology Distribution Access Control LDNS Round Robin Dynamic Ratio E-Commerce .

partners. protects legacy hardware and any future investments • Grow without pain – Add new applications. servers. and customers • Protects your investment – Use with multiple heterogeneous hardware platforms. vendors.3DNS Scalability • Extend your reach – Use your current web sites to reach remote workers. and sites without interruption to service .

and production rules . virtual servers.3DNS Manageability • Simplify your e-Business management – 3DNS simplifies the management of your e-business with the following tools and features – Autosync Secure automated setup and synchronization of redundant 3DNS Controllers anywhere on the Internet – 3DNS Web Administration Local and remote browser-based utility for configuring 3DNS features including wide IPs. data centers.

Solstice Enterprise. . This allows for an efficient use of probing. memory. resulting in a highly scalable solution.0 SNMP agents that provide metrics on CPU utilization. and NT/4.3DNS Manageability • Simplify your e-Business management – Web-Based DNS Administration 3DNS contains NameSurfer®. a web-based interface for remote DNS administration and for editing DNS zone files – SNMP Probing 3DNS supports UCD snmpd. and other server statistics that assist in managing your total e-business solution – Data Centers and Sync Groups 3DNS lets you create logical groups of network equipment that reside in the same location.

destination or port – Deny Ports Tight control for allowing or denying access based on ports on Virtual IPs – Secure Administration SSH and SSL for secure local and remote administration .3DNS Security • Protecting your e-business and customers – The 3DNS Controller has a number of inherent security features designed to protect against common attacks and provide added protection for your sites – Packet Filtering Limit or deny access to and from web sites based on monitoring the traffic source.

.3DNS Works Standalone or With BIG/ip & see/IT • 3DNS works with existing DNS servers or can be used as an industry leading standalone DNS server for your e-Business • 3DNS works with BIG/ip to provide the highest availability for local and wide area applications but can also operate without BIG/ip present • 3DNS works with see/IT by providing “real-time” server traffic monitoring and network capacity forecasting and planning.

Integrated Internet Traffic Management Products and Services .