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Design & Architecture
The design of the building incorporates threesetback
featuresdesigned to provide visual continuity with the surrounding
skyline, each reflecting the height of a nearby building. The first
setback, on the east side of the building, aligns with thecorniceline
of the Wrigley Building to the east; the second, on the west side,
aligns withRiver Plaza to the north and with the Marina City Towers
to the west. The third setback, on the east side, relates to 330 North
Wabash building (formerly known as IBM Plaza).However, some
views distort the alignment of the second setback. The setbacks
and rounded edges of the building combatvortex formation. The
body of the building is raised 30 feet (9.1m) above the main
Wabash entrance and 70 feet (21m) above the Chicago River. The
building'sPermasteelisa curtain walluses clearlow-
emissivitycoated glass and a curved wing-shaped polished
stainless-steelmullionsystem that projects 9 inches (23cm) from
the glass line. It incorporates a brushed stainless steelspandrel
panels and clearanodized aluminum
The building has 2,600,000 square feet (240,000m2) of floor space,
rises to 98stories, and houses 486luxury residential
condominiums. These include studio apartments, a mixture of suites
with one to four bedrooms, and five-bedroom penthouses. The
tower also features a luxury hotel condominium with 339guest
rooms. The building includes, from the ground up, retail space, a
parking garage, a hotel, and condominiums. The 3rd through 12th
floors house lobbies, retail space, and the parking garage; the 14th
floor and itsmezzanine hosts a health club and spa. The 17th floor
through the 27th-floor mezzanine contain hotel condominiums and
executive lounges. The 28th through 85th floors have residential
condominiums, and the 86th through 89th floors have penthouses.
The building broke the record for the world's highest residence above ground level, held since
1969 by the nearby John Hancock Center.Because the Trump Tower has both hotel
condominiums and residential condominiums, it does not contest the record held by the 88-
story432 Park AvenueinNew York City, which, at 1,396 feet (426m), is the tallest residential
building in the world.
The Trump International Hotel and Tower rises 1,362 feet
(415.1m) from the building's main entrance on Wabash
Avenue to the tip of the architectural spire.Upon its
completion in 2009, the building became theseventh-
tallest building in the world, behind the 1,380-foot
(420.6m)Jin Mao Towerin Shanghai, People's Republic of
China. On November 17, 2009, however, theCouncil on
Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat(CTBUH), which composes
rankings of the tallest skyscrapers in the world based on
various criteria, changed its standard for measuring a
building's heightPrior to this change, a building's
architectural height was calculated from the main entrance
to the tip of the spire; new standards measured from the
lowest open-air pedestrian level of a building.As the Trump
International Hotel and Tower has a river walk entrance
and pedestrian level 27 feet (8.2m) below the building's
Wabash Avenue entrance, the skyscraper's official height
was recalculated as 1,388 feet (423.2m) without a
physical addition to the structure.According to the CTBUH,
the recalculated height also made the tower the sixth-
tallest building in the world, surpassing the Jin Mao Tower
by 9 feet (2.7m).In January 2010, the building moved back
to its position as seventh-tallest with the opening of the
828-metre (2,717ft)Burj KhalifainDubai.
At the completion of construction the building was the tallest
formwork structure in the world, and follows in the footsteps of its
neighbor,Marina City, as well as Chicago'sTwo Prudential Plaza, as
past recordholders.Concrete molding was used, because using a
traditional ironwork structure would have required a building footprint
that would have been too big for the property size, proportional to the
height of the designed building. A steel frame would have had to be
25 feet (7.6m) wider to have supported a building of this proportion.
Concrete will counteract the force of wind with the force of gravity of
the 360,000-short-ton (330,000t) building.A new chemical process
that leveraged more fluid liquid concrete facilitated pumping concrete
up several hundred feet to the elevating construction site.Although
previous technology limited formwork to 700 feet (213.4m), this
technology permitted the pumping of concrete 1,700 feet (518.2m)
The building iscantileveredinto a section of 420million-year-
The component
oldlimestonebedrock110 feet (33.5m) underground. It uses 4-foot
sections of
(1.2m)-widestilt-like pillars that were drilled beneath the building.
Every 30 feet (9.1m) around its perimeter, steel-reinforced concrete
delivered byhelicopter
was poured into these holes to form the structural support. On top of
thesecaisson shafts and pillars, an 8,400-short-ton (7,600t) concrete
padfoundationwas built to support the building's spine.The building
has 241caissons, and the majority of the caissons only descend 75
feet (22.9m) into hard clay. However, 57 of them go an additional 35
feet (10.7m) into the ground, including 6 feet (1.8m) of bedrock.The
concrete spine uses fiveI-beam-shaped walls and exterior columns,
narrowing to two as the building rises. Each floor is separated by
aconcrete slab, and stainless steel, glass, and aluminum panels are
attached to each floor.50,000 short tons (45,000t) of reinforcing
Engineering Technology
Chicago 3rd most populated city in
united state of America and the
commercial district in the records .
The building has 92 floors and was
the brain child of donal trump.
The building trump tower is located
in Chicago as Chicago has violent
weather climate, as the tornado
effecting the most the trump vision
was to design it should be tornado
proof building and it was mentioned
as high risk tower in united states of
The shape of the plot is narrow and
trump want to destroy the old tower
which was there and want to built 13
times bigger than existing building
over there
The location wise trump decided to
built tower near the banks of Chicago
river and location selected by the
trump to built tower was to attract
the real estate customer
The building has residential and
commercial facility The highest floors
Mat Foundation
10 feet thick slab has been
constructed beneath the ground
as foundation called matt
foundation which is connected
to the 57 concrete columns
beneath the ground which take
the entire load of building and
transferring load to the ground
Due to river beside the tower
the structure can be
catastrophic failure the base of
the foundation has been
increased by 25 % while
developing the site inside the
ground to make structure more
The construction of building is
done by building the giant core
inside first which is acting as
At level 28 floor there is
mechanical area of the
The solution for giant core
construction comes from
the medival churches as
an example of flying
buttress in the church
The huge concrete girders
called the out riggers are
connected to the series of
the columns
The sizes of out riggers 5
feet 6 inches and 17 feet
deep coming from the
main cores of the building
the compression strength
of this girders are 4000
ton per sq. Inch and in fact
can take pressure 16000
The construction done step
by step form as the center
core first is done than the
floor slab, than columns
beams and again slabs and
below the glass curtain and
interior works starts at
The special clamps are used
which prevent the leaking of
concrete while filling up
The temporary deck first is
layer on the site for filling
up the slab with concrete
the rebaring take comes
first after temporary deck is
layer after baring of steel,
building services part layer
and again on that rebaring
of steel is done and high
performance concrete is
layer on it
The pumps which are used
The wind hit to tower is around
70 miles /hrs.
The glass cladding has a super
strength which protects 2 times
more than ordinary glass in heat
and in fact protect from the
high wind and can bear wind
pressure of tornado
The shape of building made
round in the corner to confuse
the rotation of winds
As the building if made square it
may cause structure to failure
and may cause catastrophic
At the 12 meter,20 meter and
50 meter the special louvers are
made to turn the wind around
from the structure and made the
wind flow inside the structure in
lower amount
The glass are specially
manufactured and sealed in the
factory which prevent heat in
building made the interior
The secret
ingredients used in
preparing the high
strength concrete in
building are
and steel fibers
making the most
strongest concrete
in the world