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Social Media

Jordan Lewis, Toriana Johnson, and Amber Pinson

What is Social Media?
Social media is the collective of online
communications channels dedicated to
community-based input, interaction,
content-sharing and collaboration.
The 3 Big Social Media Applications
Social Media Website

Founded by Mark Zuckerberg

Launched in 2004

1 Billion Users (2012)

1 in 7 people use facebook to

connect to their friends and
family.-Mark Zuckerberg
Create a page, set from their personal accounts, that is designated for
parents and teachers to keep up with classroom assignments

Post resources such as videos and links to website to encourage

students to get a deeper understanding of the topics students are

Create a free space for an open dialogue with students and parents
through posts, messages, and comments

Create events to remind students and parents of test days, school

events, etc.

1.Twitter is a social-networking site that was

founded in march of 2006.

2. Twitter allows people to send and read 140-character messages. It


micro-blogging site with more than 100 million users.

3. In 2013 Twitter was listed as one of the top 10 most viewed sites.
1.Live Tweeting Between Students and Teachers

2.Teachers can tweet information about assignments, due dates, and

test reminders.

3.Question and Answer sessions may also be useful for both students

and teachers.

4.Ask students to follow your Twitter account, along with other school
Homework and Test Reminders

1.Teachers are able to use Twitter to post reminders of upcoming

tests, homework assignments or projects.

2.Teachers can also use Twitter to reassure students that they are on

the right track.

Q & A Sessions

1.Using Twitter, teachers can assign question and answer sessions.

2. During this time period students would be able to ask teachers

anything about future assignments, test results or projects.

3.Students can also use this time to ask what will be on a test, ect.

4.This may be used for extra credit or extra participation points.

Pros of Social Media in the Classroom

Educational Tool
Enhance Student Engagement

Improve Communication Among Students and Teachers

Preparing Students for Successful Employment

Cons of Social Media in the Classroom
Social media can be a distraction

Discouraging Face-to-Face Communication

Question 1
How can teachers monitor social media access?

Open ended question using

Question 2

Social media can

1.Distract students from the task at hand

2.Create an open dialogue between teachers and students

3.Can encourage students to discuss topics while being monitored

4.All of the above

Poll: I will use social media in the classroom

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