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CPSC 8985 FALL 2015

Group: P4

Project Title: Smart Inventory Management System

Group Members
Ajay Akarapu
Nagaraju Deshini
Sushmita Mamidi
Chandrakanth Reddy Dasari

The main goal of Smart Inventory Management System is to

ensure consistent availability of supplies for consumers.
Thus, Smart Inventory Management System is directed
toward owners of small to large stores and stock managers
who are responsible of maintaining sufficient goods on hand
in a retail or manufacturing business
Scope of the Project:

Registration of new client/user and authentication of existing

Provide a user friendly interface to the user to work with
Add new goods and manage the entire item in the store.
Generation of reports related to all the store problems.
The Inventory Management System is a real-time inventory
database capable of connecting multiple stores.
This can be used to track the inventory of a single store, or to
manage the distribution of stock between several branches of
a larger franchise.
However, the system merely records sales and restocking data
and provides notification of low stock at any location through
email at a specified interval.
The goal is to reduce the strain of tracking rather than to
handle all store maintenance.
System Architecture:
Functional Requirements:

This system takes care of publishing tenders on various

automobile parts to a set of preferred vendors automatically
based on the inventory rules set in the system.
It also processes the quote from each vendor for the tender and
automatically assigns the tender to the best quote.
SIMS- will provide order tracking and requirement tracking from
the production manager.
Inventory ordering should strictly follow JIT bound by a
minimum threshold for stock management.
Blanket orders and dynamically maintaining (add/delete)
preferred vendors list.
Vendor should be able to track payment and delivery status of the
component and also future production plans.

Reports customizing the stored data in a platform independent

format and displaying it using style sheets.
Admin must be able to data in reports in excel sheets
Admin must be able to make pictorial depiction of data in
excel sheets for better understanding Reports should be
elaborate for all the users
Software Architecture:
The programming language for the Inventory Management
System application will be in Java since the JSP/Tomcat
architecture will be used.
of clients will communicate with the server using Java.
Security will be upheld by HTTPS in both a private network
and a network connected to the Internet. The application will
use a client-server model.
The Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) will use the MySQL
Connector/J driver for the server to communicate to the
inventory database.
Application Design
Admin Page:
Sales Person Page:
Database Design:
Login Page:
Admin Page:
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